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    27 Photos That Only Exist Because They Absolutely Defied The Odds

    How did these things happen?

    1. This curly fry came out shaped just like a treble clef:

    A curly fry shaped just like a treble clef
    u/bisforbodkin / Via

    2. This lost dog was discovered because he sat down to take a nap under this sign:

    A lost dog sits under a post with his lost dog sign on it
    u/realbestusrnameever / Via

    3. This spider web looks amazingly like Spider-Man's face:

    A spider web that looks amazingly like Spider-Man's face
    u/nephelodusa / Via

    4. And this Batman mug broke and ended up with a chipped part that looks exactly like the bat symbol:

    A broken Batman mug with a chipped part that looks exactly like the bat symbol
    u/justdontknowwhattopu / Via

    5. These bubbles make this doggo look like they're wearing psychedelic shades:

    A photo where soap bubbles appear where a dog's eyes should be
    u/Lavidius / Via

    6. And somehow all four of these dogs had to do their business at the exact same time:

    Four dogs go to the bathroom at the same time
    u/shooshoocoomer / Via

    7. This woman's outfit is basically a facsimile of the stage:

    A woman's shirt matches the stage at a theater
    u/TheSaih / Via

    8. And this woman's outfit lines up perfectly with this coffee tumbler:

    The pattern on a woman's dress matches the pattern on a coffee tumbler
    u/TheJoker12349 / Via

    9. This woman found a charm that was like her tattoo come to life:

    A planet charm matches a woman's planet tattoo
    u/sailinXrailin / Via

    10. This student weirdly captured the 113 on the screen before it appeared on his classmate's phone:

    11. And this photo was snapped juuuuuust before this woman realized she was about to get very wet:

    12. This phone slipped out of a biker's pocket and managed to end up tangled in the bike's chains:

    A mangled phone is tangled in a bike's chains
    u/australia-on-redditx / Via

    13. This rainbow and lightning bolt lit up the sky at the exact same time and place:

    A rainbow and lightning bolt lit up the sky at the exact same time and place
    u/kayra551 / Via

    14. And this woman's rainbow jacket perfectly matched the real rainbow behind her:

    u/Purp_Skurp_349 / Via

    15. This bird poop looks uncannily like...a bird:

    u/Koda_Has_A_Top_Hat / Via

    16. And this bird looks amazingly like Danny DeVito:

    u/jolteona / Via

    17. This fish somehow defied certain death after a cat knocked over its bowl:

    u/slowf3 / Via

    18. This leaf matches perfectly with the lines in this person's hand:

    u/admiralwan / Via

    20. These three friends met for lunch and discovered they were all wearing the same dress:

    21. This pizza cutter's serial number is P177A:

    u/wolfshozzer / Via

    22. These two lookalikes just stumbled across each other at the mall:

    23. This store's neon sign burned out but still delivered its message:

    u/Jigsawz_ / Via

    24. A couple discovered that — three years before they met and fell in love — they'd gone to the same concert and taken almost the exact same shot:

    u/Slayer_Of_Anubis / Via

    25. This bird was passing by at the exact time and place to help this driver avoid a speeding ticket:

    u/Aeogor / Via

    26. This car managed to come out unscathed as an earthquake destroyed everything around it:

    u/Meunderwears / Via

    27. And lastly, this man was inspired to become a pilot after sitting in this helicopter as a boy, then, upon growing up and becoming a pilot, ended up flying that EXACT helicopter:


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