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    21 Amazing Parenting Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

    Make your smart phone even smarter.

    1. Find My Kids and GPS Tracker Pro will track your kids' whereabouts.

    Find My Kids for the iPhone and GPS Tracker Pro for Google Play are free apps that keep track of your kids through their phones. You can even set up alerts that let you know the second they leave the neighborhood.

    2. MamaBear not only tracks your kids' whereabouts, but alerts you when they're tagged in a photo, use bad language, or are being bullied online. / Via

    It can even tell you when they're speeding! Find the free app here.

    3. PBS Play & Learn is a great teaching app.

    As opposed to the many mindless things kids do on phones or tablets, this free app teaches new skills and vocabulary in a fun and interactive way.

    4. Koi Pond is a super simple and pretty way to entertain the kids.

    This basic yet cool app is perfect for entertaining toddlers in restaurants and waiting rooms. Simple to use, kids just touch the screen to create ripples and scare away the fish (or "fishies" in kid-speak).

    Get it here for $0.99 on the iPhone.

    5. BubbleFREE and Original Virtual Bubble Wrap keeps antsy toddlers' fingers occupied. / / Via

    Like Koi Pond, these simple apps keep toddlers occupied by letting them virtually experience the addictive joy of popping bubble wrap.

    Find it free on the iPhone and Google Play.

    6. Even older kids will love Disney Fairies Fly, a not-too-difficult flying game.

    Toddlers aren't the only ones you need to entertain. Available for $4.99 on the iPhone and iPad.

    7. RedRover helps you find kid-friendly fun while on the go.

    It's currently available in NYC, Boston, Atlanta, and the San Francisco Bay Area (more cities coming soon). Get the free app here.

    8. Mom Maps helps you find things to do with your kids when you're away from home.

    Available here for the iPhone for $2.99.

    9. SurfBalance Safe Browser For Kids guarantees they won't see anything they shouldn't.

    Find it here for $4.99.

    10. MeeGenius makes reading fun by giving kids access to hundreds of read-along e-books.

    Available for kids up to 8 years old. Subscribe here for $9.99 a month.

    11. SitOrSquat helps you find the nearest bathroom.

    For when your kid says, "I've got to go potty RIGHT NOW!" This free iPhone app also has feedback from other users about the bathroom's cleanliness and whether it has a changing table.

    12. Smart-ICE4family stores all of your family's critical medical information.

    It will even alerts EMS in the event of an emergency. Get the iPhone app here for $2.99.

    13. Good Food Near You is great for finding healthy food on road trips.

    When you don't want to feed your kids another meal of fast food, this free app finds you healthy restaurants nearby. If fast food is your only option, you can also use it to find the healthiest items on the menu. Find it here.

    14. Sex Offender Search gives you a detailed map of registered sex offenders in your current location.

    Available on iTunes and Google Play.

    15. Huggies Pull-Ups Big Kid App is the perfect companion for a toddler that's potty training.

    This free app has games, tips, and tools that make potty training both easier and fun.

    16. Canvsly stores your children's artwork online.

    This free iTunes app lets you throw away the stacks of your kids' artwork and instead upload them to a secure server. You can share the art with friends and family, organize it chronologically, and even convert the artwork into keepsakes and gifts!

    17. White Noise Baby is like a sleep machine for your baby.

    This $.099 app for iPhone and Google Play helps your baby stop crying and fall to sleep by playing an assortment of soothing sounds.

    18. Baby Connect helps you manage a baby's life by tracking feedings, diapers, sleep, activities, medicines, and more.

    Get it here for $4.99.

    19. WebMD mobile gives you immediate access to the web's most comprehensive medical resources.

    The mobile-only tool also uses geolocation to warn you about high pollen levels, harsh UV rays, and more. Find the free app here.

    20. The Skype app helps you keep in touch.

    Being able to video chat with your kids when you're away from home is a wonderful way to stay connected. You can also use it to stay close to grandparents and other family. Find the free Android app here.

    21. Intuition+: Mom's Personal Assistant

    This free iTunes app organizes a busy mom's life by keeping track of appointments, shopping lists, recipes, activities and a whole lot more.

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