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50 "Before And After" Photos I Could Stare At All Day Long

Two photos, one incredible story.

1. A woman before and after being clean for 19 months:

2. A Viking axe as it was found and after restoration:

3. And a 300-year-old sword pommel before and after being cleaned:

4. Self-portraits drawn before and after taking a month-long drawing class:

5. A classic Datsun 240z sports car before and after being restored:

6. An Asian woman before drinking alcohol and after when she experienced "Asian flush":

A woman's face is redder and happier after a few drinks
Vox /

Watch a video on this woman's experience that explains "Asian flush" here.

7. The windows on a high-rise building before and after Hurricane Laura:

8. And Houston, Texas before and after Hurricane Harvey:

9. A pie before and after being put in the oven:

10. And an oven before and after a deep clean:

11. Abraham Lincoln on May 20, 1860 (10 months before his inauguration) and on Feb. 5, 1865 (a couple months before the end of the Civil War):

12. The side of a building before and after an absolutely unbelievable trompe l’oeil paint job:

13. An X-ray of someone's back before and after scoliosis surgery:

14. A cat before and after being told to get out of the high chair:

15. And a deaf dog before and after his owner signed "Good dog" at him:

A dog's face is still and then in a second photo it is smiling
Wakeuptomorrow / Via

16. Hiroshima, Japan shortly after the deployment of an atomic bomb and 75 years later:

17. A bald eagle who'd had his beak shot off by a poacher, before and after receiving a prosthetic beak:

In one photo an eagle has no nose and in a second he has a large beak
Glen Hush/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

18. The night sky as we normally see it and after a blackout:

19. A wooden chair before and after extensive detailing:

20. People wasting time while waiting for public transportation then (the early 1900s) and now:

21. The Crew Dragon Endeavour_ _before traveling to the space station and after it returned:

22. A man before and after going into the sun with transition contact lenses:

23. A woman's hair before and after visiting her hairdresser:

24. Braces when they were first put on and after eight months of usage:

25. Basil before and after being watered:

26. The Swedish town of Söderhamn in 1920 and a hundred years later:

27. A scene from 2011's Rise of the Planet of the Apes before and after the digital visual effects were added:

An actor performs as an ape in one photo, then in another his performance is rendered as an ape with CGI
20th Century Fox

28. A 19th century oil panting before and after restoration:

The painting is dramatically improved in the second photo

You can check out a video of the full transformation here.

29. OJ Simpson's book If I Did It (where he laid out what he called a "hypothetical" description of how he could have killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman) before and after a bankruptcy court awarded the book's rights to the Goldman family.

Beaufort Books

The Goldmans added "Confessions of the Killer" to the title and put the "F" inside the "I" of "If" to make it look more like "I Did It."

30. Uelzen, Germany then (around 1944 during World War II) and now:

31. Disney animators then (in the late '50s working on Sleeping Beauty) and now-ish (working on 2010's Tangled):

32. A mansion before and after being abandoned:

33. An abandoned mansion before and after being restored:

34. These adorable puppy pals then and now:

35. A person's room during and after a period of depression:

36. The Roman Forum (a couple thousand years ago or so) and now:

37. A man before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall:

38. This mother and son playing around on a copier then and now:

39. The London Underground then (a hundred years ago or so) and now:

40. Dallas, Texas's Dealey Plaza then (during the assassination of President Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963) and now-ish (Oct. 23, 2013):

41. This racetrack in the '70s or '80s and today, after it was abandoned:

42. Brooklyn, New York, then (1916) and now:

43. A cat before and after being rescued off the street:

44. And a cat before and after drying off from a bath:

45. A man before and after cutting his hair to donate to a nonprofit that makes wigs for children with cancer:

46. A photo of the Andromeda Galaxy before and after processing:

47. The skyline of Manila before and after undergoing quarantine:

48. And Rio de Janeiro before and after 140 years elapsed:

49. And a street when it was navigated by tanks during World War II and today:

50. And a New York city building before and after being power washed: