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    A Pianist Is Going Viral For Adding Music To James Charles' Apology And Cardi B Talking About Uggs

    All of the internet's viral videos...but musical.

    Charles Cornell, 26, is a Denver-based jazz pianist who will soon put out a new album, Tales. But that's not why we're writing about him! In case you haven't noticed, we don't do many posts about jazz instrumentalists on BuzzFeed.

    No, we're writing about Charles because of a series of hilarious videos he's uploaded of himself seamlessly accompanying celebrities talking.

    Since then Charles has hilariously found the music in James Charles' apology video...

    ...this clip of Danielle Bregoli (the "Cash me outside, how 'bout dat?" girl) spouting off on Dr. Phil...

    ...and DJ Khaled bragging on himself.

    Charles — who only had around 250 Instagram followers a couple weeks ago — told BuzzFeed how he was inspired to make these videos: "I came across a video that I thought was particularly funny, and remembered the concept of transcribing the notes of spoken word and putting them to music."

    Since then Charles has added music to all kinds of viral videos, like this Vine you might remember.

    Charles says that some of these are easier to make than others. "Cardi B, for example, works so well because she speaks in a sing-song, rhythmic manner. This creates natural cadences in her voice that make my job much easier!"

    Want a more in-depth explanation of how Charles makes these videos? He explains below:

    Charles says the response has been "incredible," adding, "This is all still so new and insane to me! It feels so surreal to put out a piece of content and have thousands of people see it and enjoy it."