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    A Dad Is Hilariously Illustrating The Funny Things Kids Say

    "I love you with all my butt."

    The last time we checked in with dad/artist Martin Bruckner, he was busy turning the silly things his 3-year-old daughter, Harper Grace, said into hilarious illustrations.

    Since then Martin started accepting submissions of things said by kids from all over the world, and this year he illustrated more than 500 of them.

    There was this one for a little boy who is convinced Star Wars is actually called "Star Horse":

    And this one for a little guy who had his own way of saying "Darth Vader and the storm troopers":

    There was this little girl's unusual way of expressing her love:

    This one for a little boy who wants nothing to do with toenail clippers:

    This statement from a confident 3-year-old:

    This Smurf-tastic deep thought:

    This one from a kid who loves the International House of Pancakes even if she doesn't quite know its name:

    This greeting a 4-year-old girl gives her mom every night when she comes home from work:

    This line about hand washing that could only have come from the mind of a kid:

    This 3-year-old boy's observation about being sick:

    This one from a Chicago kid who got a little nervous while in the Wisconsin woods:

    This little boy's daily question:

    This little girl's instructions to her dad:

    And this one from a kid who is refreshingly honest:

    Of course, Martin's favorite illustrations are still of the silly things now 4-year-old Harper Grace says, like...

    This quip Harper made when she had an upset stomach:

    This "compliment" Harper gave her mom:

    Harper's heart-swelling response when Martin asked her what she was thankful for on Thanksgiving:

    And this line Harper dropped on her dad one day:

    Yes, yes he is.

    You can check out more of Martin's work on his tumblr Spaghetti Toes, follow him on Facebook, or order an illustration of your own funny kid quote here.

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