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    Parents Are Irate Over A Children's Book Called "Do You Want To Play With My Balls?"

    Double entendres for miles.

    Parents on Facebook are upset over a video Mediatakeout posted of a woman reading the picture book Do You Want to Play With My Balls?.

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    The video — which has been shared more than 215,000 times — was posted along with the following message:

    Do You Want to Play With My Balls? looks very much like a regular children's book, but features numerous sexual double entendres.

    "Hey Louie! Do you want to play with my balls?"

    "Wow! Your balls are so big, I can't even fit them into my mouth!"

    "Let's roll them on Sparky's fur. Girls hate hairy balls!"

    "Hi Sally! Do you want to play with our balls?"

    "Sure! But only if I can play with both of your balls at the same time!"

    Many parents were quick to condemn the book:

    "This is why we're reading through all of our kid's books. This is disgusting."

    "I am outraged! Children should not be exposed to this sort of thing in this sort of way."

    "By far the worst children's book ever."

    But other parents surprisingly defended it:

    "It's like Disney...they put innuendos and adult jokes in their movies. It makes it more entertaining for adults to read..."

    "PARENTS COME ON do we have to find sexual, grown up things in everything made for children?"

    Thankfully for parents everywhere, the book — written by the Cifaldi Brothers and illustrated by Santiago Elizald — is a gag book for adults, and is NOT being used in schools.

    If balls aren't your thing, another writer-illustrator team has since written another book, Do You Want to Play With My Beaver?.

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    Want your own copy of Do You Want To Play With My Balls? It's available for order here.