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    9 Tweets From British Mums And 9 From American Moms That Are All Hilarious're all mothers.

    British mums and American moms may live across an ocean from each other, but when you get right down to it they aren't all that different from each other.


    1. For example, mums have to deal with sassy kids...

    My favourite part of giving blood today was when my 4yo son poked my bum as I sat in the chair and shouted "You've still got plenty of blood in here!" #giveblood

    2. And so do moms over here.

    My eight year old has started talking back and then saying (outloud) “hashtag roasted” and dabbing. Not one of the parenting books prepared me for this.

    3. Motherhood changes you in the UK...

    ‘How has motherhood changed you?’ I can now carry 47 things ranging in size from scooter to particularly interesting leaf, all at the same time.

    4. And it changes you in the US (well, at least a little).

    As I buried my child in the sand at the beach, I realized I have matured so much as a parent but not enough to not give them sand-boobs.

    5. Mums struggle with their kids and food...

    Me: eat your sandwiches first 3yo: can I have my cake first? Me: no, if you eat your cake first you won't have room for your sandwiches 3yo: ... 🤔... but if I eat my sandwiches first ... then I won't have room for my cake 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

    6. And, yep, so do moms.

    Me: How many chicken nuggets do you want tonight? 7yo: 100 Me: As a guide, you usually have 4-6 7yo (thinking): 30

    7. Mums can't help but notice things are a little different when their kids are on break...

    My five year old is spending his Monday morning lying on the floor eating a bacon sandwich and watching a David Attenborough documentary whilst naked. He is living his best life and I think we can all learn a lot from him.

    8. And neither can moms (although the mum's day above sounds a lot more pleasant).

    We are one day into summer break... The house is trashed The wifi is off indefinitely The kids wont speak to me This is normal right?

    9. Mums sometimes say stuff they know they probably shouldn't...

    When you scream to your kids to only talk to you when they’re in the same room as you and not scream at you from another room 😬😂 #mumlife

    10. And so do moms.

    My kid: “I want McDonald’s!” My brain: Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Me: “You got McDonald’s money?”

    11. Mums can seriously frustrate their kids when they're trying to tell a knock-knock joke...

    Me: knock knock 4yo: who’s there? Me: the interrupting cow 4yo: The interrupt..... Me: Moooo 4yo: no! You have to let me finish my bit. My humour is lost on this kid. #kids #joke #parenting

    12. And moms can frustrate their kids just as much when playing peekaboo.

    My 3yo reprimanded me during peekaboo. I’m not sure whether it’s the covering of the eyes that I’m getting wrong or the uncovering but it’s definitely one or the other. And you guys, either way, I’m shook.

    13. Mums know that having your kids around other people can be a trial...

    I can’t take boy twin out in public anymore. He smiles and says hi to all the people. Then all the people stop and talk. I DON’T WANT TO TALK TO THE PEOPLE.

    14. And so do moms (if not quite in the same way).

    We don't poop in front of company. - and other life lessons I didn't think I needed to teach my kids

    15. Mums (and aunties) know that kids are REALLY big on snacks...

    I accidentally sat on a packet of cheddars today and heard my 4 year old niece say "oh no, my cheds" faintly from across the room

    16. And so do moms here in the ol' US of A.

    [Stranded on a deserted island with my kids] Day 1: We’ve got enough snacks to last us at least 2 years. Day 2: We’ve run out of snacks.

    17. Lastly, in the UK mums like hang out with other moms...

    MUM ISLAND! Like Love Island, except a bunch of mums just get to have a lie in, a hot cup of tea and do a shit on their own. Fucking paradise. Who's coming with us? #loveisland #mumisland #scummymummies

    18. And in the US, samesies.

    Starting a ring of suburban moms. Bring Chardonnay in your travel mugs. Meet us in the Target seasonal section at dusk, and be ready to rumble.

    Want more mums vs. moms? Check out this video of American and UK moms swapping parenting essentials:

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