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    Updated on May 28, 2019. Posted on May 27, 2019

    9 Brothers And 9 Sisters Who Made Their Siblings' Lives Absolutely Miserable

    No one can get under your skin like a sibling.

    Hello and welcome to another meeting of Siblings Anonymous.


    Before we begin, let us send out positive thoughts to those dealing with really, REALLY frustrating siblings, like:

    1. The brother who CANNOT remember his damn keys:

    AntiAntiEmoKid / Via

    2. And the sister who didn't mention her dog had fleas when she asked her brother to watch it:

    skaroids / Via

    3. The brother who wears his earbuds like this:

    po-the-panda / Via

    4. And the sister who did this to the toothpaste:

    fishboy1215 / Via

    5. The brother who ruined every damn doughnut in the box:

    TheRedditFBI / Via

    6. And the sister who ate all of the marshmallows and left the rest:

    seingarfield / Via

    7. The brother whose desktop is anxiety-inducing:

    simontsankov / Via

    8. And the sister who left the bathroom like this:

    AliMoo2 / Via

    9. The brother who puts ketchup on his this:

    SliXzxz / Via

    10. And the sister who eats Pop this:

    c_schlenker / Via

    11. The brother who takes off his shoes — but not his socks — at the beach:

    andrewproduction / Via

    12. And the sister who scooped out jelly with the same knife she used in the peanut butter:

    fostde18 / Via

    13. The brother who *sigh* tried to cook an egg in the microwave:

    kylecase0 / Via

    14. And the sister who opened every wrapper to check the flavor until she got the one she wanted — not realizing the flavors were printed on the bottom:

    zachar3 / Via

    15. The brother who left the bathroom sink like this after shaving:

    awkwardtelegram / Via

    16. And the sister whose brush looked like this:

    KhaalexXB1 / Via

    17. The brother who put the juice back with THIS MUCH left:

    Goldenlama / Via

    18. And the sister who left her nasty, chewed-up water bottle caps just sitting on the counter:

    sociopathic_muffin / Via

    Be strong, siblings! You can endure this!


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