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8 Most Badass Santas In The World

Ho ho holy crap that Santa has a jetpack!

1. The Seaport Village Santa in San Diego, California

Flickr: seaportvillage

On November 30th this badass Santa made his annual arrival via jetpack!

Is that James Bond?

Flickr: seaportvillage

Nope. It's Santa F'n Claus.

"Take a picture," Santa says. "It'll last longer."

Nice shades, Nick.

Flickr: seaportvillage

I'm digging the Hawaiian shirt and board shorts, too. Badass.

2. The National Corvette Museum Santa in Bowling Green, Kentucky

On December 8th this Santa with a need for speed took boys and girls of all ages for a ride in his "sleigh," which was really a souped up Corvette!

Buckle up, kid.

Nathan Morgan /

Santa doesn't like to use the brakes.

Get used to being in Santa's rearview mirror, folks.

Because he's got a lead boot.

3. The Outrigger Waikiki Santa in Honolulu, Hawaii

Outrigger Hotels

On December 8th this Santa channeled his warrior spirit by landing on the beach via outrigger canoe!

Here he is, looking into the distance at all the Santas who aren't as cool as him.

So, so many Santas.

Hang loose indeed, Santa.

4. The Scuba Santa at the Newport Aquarium in Newport, Kentucky

At Scuba Santa's Water Wonderland, which runs through January 1st, this Santa swims with a shark ray. NBD.

Reading underwater? That's strong, Santa. Real strong.

Visitors to the aquarium get to hear an underwater version of ‘Twas the Night before Christmas. Santa's coolest trick? The pages don't even get wet.

What's that, reindeer? You can't swim? NBD. I'll just replace you with a team of giant sea horses.

Damn, Scuba Santa. Can I be you when I grow up?

5. CTA Holiday Train Santa in Chicago, Illinois

Flickr: ctaweb

This Santa may not use a jet pack or swim underwater, but he hooks his sled up to the Chicago subway, which is pretty badass when you think about it.

Whoa, Santa! Be careful all way up there!

Flickr: yooperann

Santa's like, "All the way up here? Please. You mustn't know about me."

Now that's a festive subway train.

Flickr: polomex

All courtesy of Subway Santa and the Chicago public transit employees.

They also donate food, toys, cash, and more to needy families.

Kevin O'Neil /

Have a Chicago dog on me, Subway Santa.

6. The Janss Marketplace Santa in Thousand Oaks, California

On November 23rd this daredevil Santa dropped out of a plane!

Thousands of mall goers cheered from below as the man in red parachuted toward the parking lot.

Vinit Satyavrata /

Solid, Santa.

Did he hit his landing?

Vinit Satyavrata /

Pfft. What do you think?

Mrs. Claus even acted as Santa's hype man.

Vinit Satyavrata /

That's why their relationship has lasted so many thousands of years.

7. The Sunday River Santas in Newry, Maine

On December 8th hundreds of Santas hit the slopes at the Sunday River ski resort.

That's a whole lot of fierce Santas.

They came for the yearly event that lets anyone dressed as Santa ski for free.

These rock star Santas even operated the snow plow.

It was red, of course.

'Twas like an army of Santas. Look out naughty kids.

I wonder if any of these guys realized on the drive home that the Santa suit cost them more than the price of a lift ticket?

8. The Santa at Chimney State Park near Ashville, North Carolina

On December 7th (and again on the 14th) this fearless Santa climbed up the side of the 315-foot Chimney Rock!

This surprises you? The man climbs down millions of chimneys in one night.

Frankly, this is cake.

But it's still plenty badass.

He even brought an elf with him.

Keep doing what you're doing, Santa.

We'll just be over here, nervously watching your awesomeness.

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