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    75 Clever Dollar Store Ideas That Will Have You Saying, "How'd They Think Of That?"

    "Where'd you get it? Bloomingdales?" "No, The Dollar Store!"

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Transform four dollar-store frames into a winningly chic frame lantern.

    You can also use it to display plants or flowers. Watch the DIY (and two others) by Do It on a Dime.

    2. A dollar-store T-shirt β€” plus items found around the home β€” are all you need to make a comfy cat tent.

    Meow! Find the super-easy DIY at Dear Crissy.

    3. DIY tube socks into super-cute baby leg warmers.

    Find out how at Your Baby Days.

    4. A glass bowl and martini glass can be combined to make the ultimate chip and dip bowl.

    Learn how to make one of your own at Diana Rambles.

    5. Hair appliances cluttering your bathroom counter? Get a file box and some command hooks.

    6. Dollar-store command hooks can also make a super convenient way to store your measuring spoons.

    7. DIY an eye-catching rope basket using a dollar-store laundry basket.

    8. Hit up the toy section to make the coolest smart phone tripod ever.

    Find this ingenious DIY at Eat Sleep Make.

    9. You can also use dollar-store items to DIY a case stand for your smart phone that makes reading β€” or watching media β€” a snap!

    Find the DIY β€” plus some Etsy sellers who will make one for you β€” at Made By Marzipan!

    10. DIY a crib rail cover using a pool noodle.

    Learn how at BabyBump.

    11. Use dollar-store paint trays as cupcake-decorating plates.

    Twitter: @TravellerToday2

    You can pick up the candies and sprinkles at the dollar store too.

    12. Turn a dollar-store pencil cup into something beautiful.

    Find the embroidery tutorial on The Craft Patch.

    13. Dollar-store sponges can also be used to keep you cool out in the sun.

    Find the tutorial for these "cool-off necklaces" at The Tiny Funnel.

    14. Combine a muffin tin with plastic cups to make a wonderfully mobile storage center for art supplies.

    15. Give your laptop an upgrade by covering it with wood-grain contact paper from the dollar store.

    letmemakestuff / Via

    Learn how here.

    16. Mount dollar-store ice cube trays to the wall to display Shopkins or other small toys in style.

    thegrantgirl / Via

    You'll want to use Scotch indoor mounting tape to affix the trays to the wall.

    17. Dollar-store silverware is ideal for making this kitchen-perfect hook rack.

    18. Cool dorm decoration alert: Use ice-pop sticks to display fake succulents in impressive fashion.

    Watch a tutorial by Hermione Chantal.

    19. Use a clear shower curtain liner to make a dry-erase sheet you can draw all over.

    The best part about this is that the markers wipe off, so you can start over again the next day! Find out more I Heart Arts N Crafts.

    20. Use plastic wineglasses to serve cupcakes (and a generous helping of M&M's).

    21. Give sandals a tropical feel by garnishing them with balloons.

    The sandals and balloons are dollar-store staples, of course.

    22. Craft boxes are perfect for organizing barrettes and hair ties.

    Find out more at The Idea Room.

    23. Make fun window art with dollar-store frames, glue, and food coloring.

    How cool is this? Learn more at Still Parenting.

    24. Have a lot of cats? A dollar-store vegetable tray makes a purrfect feeding station.

    charinaann / Via

    25. You can also use a vegetable tray to DIY the perfect color mixing station.

    This is a fun learning activity for younger kids. Learn more at No Twiddle Twaddle.

    26. But wait, there's more! You can also use the tray to mold flowers out of dirt or sand.

    Now that's one versatile tray! Find this DIY at Home Talk.

    27. Transform a stackable bin into a doll swing.

    American Girl dolls need to enjoy the summer, too. Find the DIY at Karen Mom of Three Craft Blog.

    28. Use a small dollar-store canvas to turn a favorite old T-shirt into wall art.

    crayzeehair / Via

    29. Add a pop of color to your bathroom by filling soap dispensers with glass gems and faux flowers.

    happywife_happy4life / Via

    30. Wow your kids or guests by making a s'mores station out of dollar-store cake pans and candlesticks.

    Drool. Find the DIY at Our Southern Home.

    31. Or use the same purchases to make an incredible homework caddy.

    32. Light up an outdoor walkway by sticking solar lights into cups filled with rocks.

    mrslagerbadger / Via

    33. Never worry about putting anything hot on your table again with some dollar-store pebbles.

    Tea kettles, hot dishes, whatever you want to set down! Find the DIY at Kasey Trenum.

    34. Stop yourself from losing playing cards by storing them in travel soap box holders.

    These are also great for storing crayons, beads, stickers, and more. Learn more at Shady Tree Diary.

    35. Buckets are a good choice for organizing art supplies.

    36. A serving tray and bowl make a charming birdbath.

    Find the DIY at the aptly-titled Dollar Store Mom.

    37. Use a mesh laundry bag to hold sand toys at the beach.

    The awesome thing about this is that you don't drag home a bunch of sand at the end of the day! Learn more at The Idea Room.

    38. DIY on-the-wall storage for your kid's magnetic toys using dollar-store pizza pans.

    Learn how to do this at Dollar Store Crafts.

    39. Dish racks make organizing school supplies easy.

    40. A utensil tray is the key to keeping your toothbrushes organized.

    41. A utensil tray can also make a cool jewelry holder.

    And it can be yours without having to fork over a lot of dough. Wocka wocka. Find the how-to at The DIY Mommy.

    42. Speaking of jewelry holders, you can make a fun one using dollar-store tea cups and glue.

    43. Paint a round placemat to make a cool and colorful decoration.

    Watch the tutorial via Hermione Chantal.

    44. Keep your car clean by using a cereal container as a trash can.

    45. You can make this impressive-looking wreath with just a few dollars.

    You'll need a foam wreath, Mod Podge and split peas... all stuff you can get at the dollar store. Find the tutorial at Mod Podge Rocks.

    46. Kitchen sponges can be used to make low-cost ice packs for lunch boxes.

    This way if it gets lost it's no big deal. Learn more at Kitchn.

    47. Bring straws with you in a toothbrush container.

    This way you have them when you need them. Via Chica and Jo.

    48. Love Halloween? DIY this candy bowl using a dollar-store skeleton, display platter, glue and spray paint.

    49. Use wrapping paper to beautify your plastic storage bins.

    50. Here's a good one for a dorm room β€” wrap transparent ribbon around LED lights for extra flair.

    You'll want to ONLY use LED lights for this DIY for obvious reasons. Find the how-to at Pointless Pretty Things.

    51. Transform a dollar-store hula hoop into a stunning chandelier.

    52. DIY dollar-store placemats into ridiculously cute throw pillows.

    53. Make an unforgettable ice cream bar by putting sprinkles and crushed cookies in shaker jars.

    Learn more about this and other summer food ideas Hi Sugar Plum.

    54. DIY this backyard tic-tac-toe game with a shower curtain, tape, and Frisbees.

    This game is harder than you think! Learn more at A Turtle's Life For Me.

    55. Set up carnival games in your backyard using nothing but dollar-store finds.

    Find the how-to for five carnival games at Morena's Corner.

    56. DIY a table lantern using glowsticks, dish detergent, and a jar.

    You'll not only have fun putting together this DIY, but will be able to enjoy the outdoors longer. Learn more at Creative Green Living.

    57. Dip suction-cup arrows in paint to take backyard archery to the next level.

    58. You can also make an unforgettable chandelier using dollar-store clothespins plus wire fencing or a tomato cage.

    msmarniece / Via

    Find a DIY at Young House Love.

    59. A dollar-store mirror and spray-painted wooden skewers make a stylish wall dressing.

    Check out the DIY on Pop Sugar.

    60. Craft sticks (and some paint) can be combined to make an eye-catching, geometric accent wall.

    61. Dollar-store thumbtacks and candles can be combined to create a candle that is anything but average.

    Find the how-to plus some more cool patterns at The Blissful Bee.

    62. If tea lights are more your thing, try putting them in dollar-store glassware covered by accent stones.

    Purdy. Learn more at Morena's Corner.

    63. Tea lights can also be memorably displayed with clothespins.

    64. A dollar-store spice rack makes an awesome way to organize office supplies on your desk.

    You can see more of this and other desk hacks at Say Yes.

    65. You can bling out a locker with dollar store finds and a healthy amount of washi tape.

    66. Speed up mornings by using dollar-store cups to organize your toothbrushes.

    67. You can also speed up mornings with dollar-store shower curtain rings, which keep hairbands organized.

    68. Dollar-store baskets are amazing for outdoor activities.

    Find this organizational idea at Dirt and Boogers.

    69. Here's a fun one β€” use a tomato cage and grass skirt to put Cousin Itt from The Addams Family on your porch.

    70. Freeze dollar-store toys and trinkets in water to make β€œice eggs.”

    Kids will love chipping away at the ice with a spoon to free the toys. Learn more at A Little Learning For Two.

    71. Ice-pop trays are surprisingly ideal for organizing crayons.

    72. DIY a Mason Jar soap pump with dollar-store stuff.

    Find out how to make one at A Pretty Life.

    73. DIY this cool spotlight lamp using a dollar-store pencil basket.

    74. Spray-paint a roasting pan to make the ultimate low-budget Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costume.

    75. Make this Anthropologie-inspired mirror with a dollar-store mirror and silk flowers.

    Awesome, right? Find the DIY at Dollar Store Crafts.

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