These "What Am I Looking At" Wedding Photos Will Make Just About Anyone Swear Off Marriage

    I now pronounce you out of your flipping minds.

    1. This wedding reception didn't just have tray-passed appetizers...they had tray-passed cocaine! And yes, that is the bride happily partaking.

    People doing cocaine in the middle of a wedding

    2. Here's another white wedding! One to show the grandkids!

    A bride and groom snorting lines from a plate

    3. This wedding took place on 9/11/21, and somehow, no one said, "FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, YOU CANNOT MAKE YOUR BIG DAY 9/11 THEMED!"

    A 9/11-themed wedding invitation

    4. This wedding had serial killer centerpieces.

    Serial killer centerpieces at a wedding

    5. And this wedding sent out "rules and regulations" that have to be seen to be believed.

    An email with rules and regulations for a wedding

    6. At this wedding, the bride led the groom into the reception on a leash, and yes, that is him "peeing" on her. Marking his territory, I guess? Yikes.

    A bride with her groom on a leash

    7. This wedding, meanwhile, had a cake topper that the previous couple would have paid ANYTHING to have.

    Wedding cake toppers of a bride with the groom on a leash

    8. This wedding's program ranked the bridesmaids in order of closeness to the bride. Just imagine being referred to as the "5th Best Friend!"

    A ranking of the bridesmaids and groomsmen

    9. And this bride and groom cavalierly sold their wedding gifts on Facebook.

    Suitcases for sale online

    10. This wedding took the traditional "bridal party posing with assault rifles" photo.

    A bridal party holding assault rifles

    11. And this wedding party did...whatever this is.

    A bride and groom holding assault rifles while people around them lay on the grass

    12. This wedding party kept things real classy.

    Bridesmaids and the bride kneeling in front of the groomsmen

    13. And this bride and groom took an equally questionable photo that flipped the script!

    A bride and groom, with the groom eating watermelon sliced from the watermelon the bride is holding

    14. This wedding, meanwhile, featured a groom who wore his best tank top and jorts.

    A groom in a tank top and jean shorts

    15. This one featured a stunningly put-together bride...and a groom in a T-shirt and cargo shorts.

    A groom wearing cargo shorts and a T-shirt

    16. And this one had a groom who dressed like this...and yes, those are Crocs with Donald Trump socks.

    A groom wearing shorts and Crocs

    17. This father of the bride wore a dapper a Trump hat.

    A man in a suit wearing a Trump hat

    18. This wedding had a Trump cake topper.

    A Donald Trump cake topper

    19. And this wedding had a bride who pretended to fellate a wooden statue of Donald Trump while the groom looked on approvingly. Fun!

    A bride kneeling in front of a wooden statue of Donald Trump while the groom looks

    20. Grooms, I should mention, aren't the only ones who really should have worn something different.

    A bride with the Confederate flag on her dress

    21. Guests also need to get a clue...this one showed up wearing this crappy T-shirt.

    A wedding guest wearing a T-shirt that says, "I pooped today"

    22. And this guest wore a "Titties" hat just behind the tuxedo-wearing groom.

    A man wearing a cap that says "Titties"

    23. This guest — not the bride, I repeat, NOT the bride — showed up dressed in white like this.

    A woman who isn't the bride wearing a wedding dress

    24. And so did this guest...who never stopped to think her dress might not be ideal on account of her NOT BEING THE BRIDE!

    A wedding guest dressed like a bride

    25. This wedding guest, meanwhile, is the definition of SHAMELESS.

    A bride talking about someone who showed up with containers to take food home

    26. Also pretty shameless? This bride and groom.

    A bride asking someone to pay for the second slice of wedding cake they ate at the wedding

    27. And this bride used her big day to promote her multilevel marketing business...which is also shameless!

    A bride promoting her MLM at her wedding

    28. This wedding did a bit where — when the officiant asked the groom if he took the bride — the groom said he needed a moment to "consult with his boys." (Guys, please, PLEASE don't do this.)

    A groom consulting with his boys when the officiant asked if he took the bride to be his wife

    29. And this wedding had a "funny" cake topper that suggests the groom is more interested in video games than his her wedding dress...on their wedding day.

    Wedding cake toppers of the groom playing video games

    30. This wedding (checks notes) took place in a Walmart.

    A Walmart wedding

    31. This wedding took place in an alley next to a dumpster.

    A wedding in an alley next to a dumpster

    32. This one took place in a convenience store.

    A wedding in a convenience store

    33. And this one was held in a parking lot (without asking for permission to do so).

    A wedding in a parking lot

    34. This wedding had different meals for their guests depending on how much they spent on their gift. Spend less than $250? You get roast chicken. Spend more than a grand? You get two pounds of lobster and a souvenir champagne goblet!

    A wedding menu based on how much guests spent on the wedding gifts

    35. This wedding REALLY wanted Bud Light to be part of it (look at the bride's train).

    A wedding dress with a train that has cans of Bud Light

    36. This wedding (maybe the same as the one above, LOL) had a Bud-themed cake.

    A Budweiser wedding cake

    37. This wedding had a chewing-tobacco cake.

    A Copenhagen chewing tobacco cake

    38. And this wedding had a skunk spray cake, which is...definitely different.

    A skunk spray cake

    39. This wedding asked its guests to throw Juul pods instead of rice.

    Juul pods

    40. This wedding crowdfunded for both a honeymoon AND an AR-15.

    Cups for funds for the honeymoon and an AR-15

    41. And lastly, this bride's wedding night ended as I'm sure she dreamed it would ever since she was a little girl...passed out with a bucket on her head!

    A man holding a passed out bride who has a bucket on her head

    H/T: r/weddingshaming and r/trashy