40 Funny Restaurants That Made Me Laugh By Being So Damn Extra

    There's photographic proof, but I'm still having a hard time believing these places actually exist.

    1. This restaurant came up with a genius way to ensure they popped up first on Google searches:

    Sign reads "$ THAI Food near me" above a restaurant entrance with a grade A health rating

    2. And so did this one:

    Signboard of a business named 'A Chinese Restaurant' with a phone number listed below

    3. This restaurant has its waiters wear T-shirts with one-star reviews of the place on them:

    A person wearing a T-shirt with a text review about customer service

    4. And this restaurant reserved a table for a group of retired buddies who eat there every day with THIS sign:

    A group of seniors socializing at a table with a humorous "Jack's Old Fart Table" sign

    5. This restaurant doesn't take reservations, but it does take...:

    Sign on a restaurant stating "NO RESERVATIONS - WALKENS ONLY" with a portrait of Christopher Walken

    6. And this restaurant in Spain puts a giant teddy bear at every table so their patrons never want for company:

    Large teddy bears seated at outdoor cafe tables, simulating a social atmosphere

    7. This Japanese restaurant has a waxwork samurai standing at one of the urinals in the bathroom:

    Person in a knight costume posing inside an elevator with dark marble walls

    8. And this German one has a soccer game in their urinal:

    Urinal with a soccer goal-themed deodorizer block

    9. This BBQ joint makes you "milk" this pig to get your barbecue sauce:

    Sign with cartoon pig for "Pigman's Saucy Station" listing sauces including Regular, Hot, Rib Roamin', and Cheryl's Secret Sauce

    10. And this restaurant draws little masterpieces like this on their to-go boxes:

    Styrofoam container with a drawing of a cupcake and "ENGLISH MUFFIN" text underneath

    11. This chicken joint moved into an old Cricket Wireless store and adapted their sign for themselves:

    Sign reading 'chicken' above a lit storefront at night with parked cars in the foreground

    12. And this Mexican restaurant moved into an old KFC building and did some adapting of its own:

    Etched glass design of Colonel Sanders with a sombrero on

    13. This restaurant closed down for a few days...to take their employees to Vegas?!?!?!:

    Sign on door announcing closure from April 30th to May 2nd, supporting employees' collective time off, reopening May 3rd

    14. This restaurant's bathroom gives its customers an unexpected confidence boost:

    Framed wall art with uplifting phrases about self-worth and a humorous compliment

    15. And this restaurant's bathroom stall — blech! — has a disposal bin for "soiled underoos":

    A metal disposal bin labeled 'SOILED UNDERPOOS' mounted on a wall above a tiled floor

    16. This very high-maintenance cafe has a lot (and I mean a LOT) of rules about what you can't do there:

    List of quirky cafe rules on a pink pillar including no loud talking, bargaining, or flirting with the cashier

    17. And this restaurant prints their menu on business cards and business cards only:

    Receipt held by a person showing an order of burgers, fries, drinks, toppings, and milkshake with prices

    18. This restaurant's instructions for what to do when the toilet won't flush could win the Pulitzer Prize for Literature:

    Sign with humorous instructions on how to flush a toilet and not to panic, ending with a thank-you for cooperation

    19. And this restaurant — for reasons only they can explain — includes their account balance on each receipt:

    Receipt showing a total balance of $885.14 with terms indicating acknowledgment of goods or services received

    20. This restaurant has got to be a fave of Gen X'ers thanks to this painting on the wall of Matt Foley...living in a van...DOWN BY THE RIVER:

    A painting of a person next to a van in a forest scene with a waterfall, displayed on a wall

    21. And this restaurant put up memorials to paintings that were stolen off their walls:

    Two plaques indicating artwork by Elaine Chung with titles "Artist" and "Chef" and dates

    22. This restaurant gives away a free Pokémon card with every check:

    A Pokémon trading card and pens are on a restaurant bill holder

    23. And this restaurant made the absolute most out of someone crashing into their sign:

    Damaged Luby's sign with humorous message, "You should see the other guy," implying a minor incident

    24. This restaurant's bathroom has some very memorable rules:

    Sign stating restrooms are for one person at a time and multiple entries will lead to security being called, with emphasis on prohibition of drug use

    25. While this restaurant's bathroom has a very intimate setup:

    Public restroom with a toilet and an open baby changing station

    26. This "No Brand Burger" joint is refreshingly realistic about its product:

    Storefront of 'No Brand Burger' with an advertisement for Western fast food, visible in an urban setting. No persons in image

    27. And you gotta love this place's "soup" of the day:

    Sign for Bavarian Bierhaus advertising "Soup of the Day: BEER" at their restaurant-brewery

    28. This restaurant must be an absolute JOY to work at:

    Sign instructing employees to stop crying before returning to work and to wash hands

    29. And this brunch spot — oh my god, why! — has the imprint of a bare footprint on its table:

    Imprint of a child's face on a wooden table next to a woven placemat

    30. This restaurant gives out food gloves that come in packets that look almost exactly like condoms:

    A packet of Aloves chili sauce on a wooden table beside a glass of water and edge of a white plate

    31. And this restaurant proudly displays all the counterfeit bills they've caught people trying to pass off as the real thing:

    Various novelty US currency bills with high denominations and fictional characters displayed on a table

    32. This chicken place sells both 1,500 pieces of wings (for the bargain price of $1,426) and a 55-gallon drum of blue cheese dressing (for $967):

    Menu displaying various sizes of chicken wings and side orders with prices

    33. And this chicken restaurant has an absolutely hilarious phone charger on the wall:

    Chicken-shaped cover framing a light switch on a tiled wall

    34. This restaurant charges different prices for kids depending on their height:

    Restaurant menu displaying different pricing for hot pot and BBQ lunch and dinner based on adult and child height

    35. And this restaurant has quite a deal...it will deliver a sandwich to your hospital bed (!!!) if you give birth:

    Sign offering one free sandwich delivery to your hospital bed

    36. This pizza restaurant has a hilariously good attitude about itself:

    Sidewalk sign inviting people to try "the worst pizza one guy on TripAdvisor ever had."

    37. And this pizza place has been in business ever since the ye olde days of...2023:

    Sign for "La Pizza Verace," indicating a pizzeria established in 2023 with a terracotta roof above

    38. In the category of "haven't seen that one before!" this restaurant uses concrete sewer pipes for its outdoor seating:

    Outdoor dining area with booths set in large concrete pipes, decorated with graffiti art

    39. This restaurant brings the bill out in a folder marked "The Damage," LOL:

    Menu cover with "THE DAMAGE" text, suggesting a humorous take on a bill presentation

    40. And lastly, this restaurant bathroom has no mirror...but it does have this message:

    Restroom sink with a mirror above it reading "you look fine" for a confidence boost