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    36 Baby Name Ideas You're 100% Guaranteed Not To Have Thought Of

    Some parents really GO FOR IT when naming their kids.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share a real person's name that they found wildly original/unusual/surprising. The results are a bevy of name ideas you've probably never considered:

    1. "I know a girl named 'Guitar' — she’s pretty cool."

    phili_wernerson / Via

    2. "I babysat a boy once whose name was literally 'Gamble.'"

    oscar_andren / Via

    3. "I’m a graphic designer and used to work with someone who named their daughter 'Pixel.'"

    matthewgittins / Via

    4. "I once served a customer named 'Excalibur' — his real name on his I.D. I thought that was pretty cool."

    Warner Bros. / Via Warner Bros.

    5. "I know a girl named 'Peachy' and it’s actually grown on me, tbh. It really suits her."

    redstickfarmersmarket / Via

    6. "My stepsister named her son 'Drizzt' after the Dungeons and Dragons game, The Legend of Drizzt."


    7. "I went to Girl Scout camp with a girl named 'Seven.'”

    tabletheatre / Via

    8. "I know this girl that has a super cute name — 'Foxwood.'"

    mumza1 / Via

    9. "One of my coworkers has a son named 'Colorado.' I kinda like it."

    rlmbarlow / Via

    10. "Dragon — an ex broke up with me and got another girl pregnant. They named the kid 'Dragon.'"


    11. "My best friend's name is 'Rageous.' She’s the only person I know with such a unique name."

    12. "I know a kid named 'Draco' after 'Draco Malfoy' from Harry Potter. The scary thing is that he actually looks like Tom Felton."


    13. "My name — Charlsey."


    14. "I have a great aunt in Florida who named her son 'Himself.'"

    15. "My name is 'Eibhlin.' You can imagine the spellings and pronunciations I've gotten over the last 20 years."

    Eibhlin Maire /

    16. "My uncle named his five daughters 'Ruby,' 'Opal,' 'Emerald,' 'Pearl,' and 'Diamond!'"

    something_blue_jewellery / Via something_blue_jewellery

    "I should add that his wife’s name is Jules."


    17. "I knew a girl named 'Guess.'"

    yc_fw / Via

    "Substitute teachers always got mad because they’d ask her what her name was and she’d reply, 'Guess.' For some reason they always guessed 'Rachel'."


    18. "My niece’s first name is Hiëronymus! For short, we call her 'H'! Fortunately, she’s an awesome child and can totally handle it!"

    lesliel4548bd106 / Via

    19. "My name is 'Rollens.'" My dad had an obsession with the punk rock band Black Flag, so he suggested naming me after the lead singer Henry Rollins."

    joshthevegan / Via

    "My parents changed the “i” to an “e” and I’ve been stuck with a name no one can pronounce or spell correctly since."


    20. "My name is 'Random,' inspired by The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and my dad's love you randomness."

    sendsatellite / Via

    "I always get the same joke: 'That’s really your name? That’s so random!'”


    21. "I went to high school with a girl named 'Cricket.' Nice girl, the name really fits her perfectly."


    22. "My name is 'Arayvia.' It's like Arabia but with a 'V.' Apparently I'm one of the only Arayvia's in the world."


    23. "I know a little girl named 'Scheherazade.' (Pronounced shuh-hair-uh-zahd). Apparently Scheherazade is a literary character from Arabian Nights." / Via Creative Commons

    "Really cool backstory but I feel sorry for the girl when she has to learn how to spell her name!"


    24. "I once had a customer named 'Kitty Birdsong.' You can’t convince me that she isn’t friends with all the adorable woodland creatures."

    natachouette67 / Via

    25. "I know a kid named 'Sheriff.' Oddly enough, it does suit him!"

    Warner Bros.

    "His mother's name is River. Both pretty interesting names, for sure!"


    26. "My ex dumped me for someone named 'Tree.'"

    wikitreesevilla / Via

    27. "My own! My name is 'Cyann.'"

    amirlahijy / Via

    "'Cyan' is a shade of blue — my name has an extra 'n.' People always tell me how unique it is, I’ve only ever met one person with the same name as me.""


    28. "My name is 'Cedar.' Yep, like the tree."

    pearlpnw / Via

    "I get lots of weird looks and misspellings — Starbucks' interpretations are especially amusing. A friend of my ex-husband thought my name was lovely and named her daughter after me."


    29. "A girl at my university is named 'Asada.' Every time I hear it, I think of carne asada."

    gaetaguy / Via

    30. "I work at Build-A-Bear, so naturally I have heard a lot of interesting kids names. The best ones were a couple of siblings named 'Minnie' and 'Van.'"

    vendobara / Via

    31. "My name is 'Krychelle.' It’s pronounced Kri-shell. It’s is constantly getting mispronounced and I have yet to meet another person with my name."


    32. "'Life Improvement' was the first name of a student I once taught."

    33. "I went to camp with a girl named 'Cascade.'"

    marjoriiie_insta / Via

    "My brother had gone to camp with her brother, Cadillac, a couple years earlier."


    34. "My next door neighbor named her twin boys 'Nikola' and 'Tesla.'" / Via Creative Commons

    35. "When I worked at Disneyland, I was helping a guest purchase annual passes. When I asked the names of her two boys, she said 'Coal' and 'Steel.'"

    fesgtv / Via

    36. "I went to high school with someone named 'Amanda Lynn.' Her parents were musically inclined and named her after a mandolin. I always thought it was pretty neat!"

    cashlandpawnshopwv / Via

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