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33 Life-Changing Food Hacks Every Parent Needs To Know

Because feeding kids is serious business.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. Blow your kids' minds by making heart-shaped hard-boiled eggs.

All you need is a chopstick, rubber band, and milk carton. Learn how here.

2. You can also make equally impressive golden eggs.

It takes a little work, but the results are incredible. Learn how here.

3. Use a pizza cutter to cut pancakes into toddler-sized bites.

4. Surround jelly with a layer of peanut butter to keep it from spilling out of a PB&J sandwich.

Peanut butter jelly time! Learn more here.

5. Make an eye-catching addition to your kid's hot cocoa with frozen Cool Whip and a cookie cutter.

Find the recipe here.

6. You can also use cookie cutters to make amazingly shaped pancakes — and eggs.

Order the ones seen above here.

7. Give your kids a healthy, no-mess snack on road trips.

Find this and a few other great road trip snack ideas here.

8. Prepare a mandarin orange in four easy steps for your kid to eat.

Learn how here.

9. Freeze yogurt to make ice pops your kid will love.

Nothing to it. Learn more here.

10. Cook family-sized portions of oatmeal in your rice cooker.

11. Stop a popsicle from dripping everywhere with a cleverly placed cupcake liner.

James Wojcik / Via

Find this hack and whole lot of other good stuff here.

12. Make perfectly shaped ice cream sandwiches for the whole family.


13. Cut down on messes by serving your toddler's meals in an ice cube tray.

14. Get your kids to eat veggies by baking these carrot fries.

Find the recipe here.

15. You can also hide veggies in mac and cheese.

Your kids will have no idea there are pureed carrots in there. Learn how here.

16. Freeze Capri Sun pouches overnight to make perfect summer slushies.

17. Make pancake prep a whole lot neater by putting the mix in a ketchup bottle.

18. Speaking of pancakes, it takes just five steps to create a teddy bear pancake that will impress your kids big-time.

Of course, if that's too hard there's an even easier way to make an impressive-looking teddy bear pancake.

$7.73 isn't much money to avoid a Pinterest fail. Order one here.

19. Coffee creamer containers make great on-the-go storage for your kid's snacks.

20. Use a straw to easily remove the stem from a strawberry.

21. Freeze a batch of PB&J sandwiches ahead of time so you don't have to make lunch every morning.

The sandwiches will be good for four to six weeks, and be fully thawed and ready to eat by lunchtime. Learn more here.

22. Stop your brown sugar from turning rock-hard by throwing a couple marshmallows into the bag.

Sang An / Via

Weird, but it works! Learn how here.

23. Put Saran Wrap over the top of a cup to seriously cut down on spills.

24. Use two plates and a serrated knife to cut a dozen grapes in half in mere seconds.

View this video on YouTube

25. Put watermelon slices on popsicle sticks to cut down on messes.

This will also make little kids less likely to drop their slice. See more here.

26. Another great option is to cut watermelon into these perfect kid-friendly pieces.

Learn how here.

27. You can ripen bananas by putting them in the oven.

Sure beats waiting for days and days. Learn more here.

28. Sponges can be used as DIY lunchbox ice packs.

These are much cheaper than regular ice packs, so it's not a big deal if your kid loses one. Learn more here.

29. Keep ice cream soft by putting it in a ziplock bag.

30. A waffle iron can be used to whip up some delightfully crispy hash browns.

31. The packaging Oreos come in can be used to make the ultimate way to serve milk and cookies.

32. One more Oreo hack — have your kids use a fork to dunk their Oreos so their fingers don't get messy.

33. Lastly, keep cake from going stale with a slice of bread and toothpicks.

Because your kid wants to make that birthday cake last as long as possible. Learn more here.

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