33 Incredible Things You Can Do With Your Family Photos

    These are way better than just leaving them on your hard drive.

    1. Turn them into wrapping paper.

    2. DIY a coloring book.

    3. Collect your favorites in a pocket-sized book.

    4. "Trap" your kids (or anyone else) inside a liquid soap dispenser.

    5. Decorate a cake.

    6. Make a charm bracelet.

    7. Put your little slugger on a baseball.

    8. DIY a clock.

    9. Transfer a digital print onto wood.

    10. Make an especially meaningful ornament.

    11. Custom make a figurine of you or a loved one.

    12. Beautify a box.

    13. Order these earrings.

    14. Customize a case for your cell phone that will make you smile every time.

    15. Put your favorite person's mug on a mug.

    16. You can put one on a commuter mug, too.

    17. Make a tear-off calendar.

    18. Order a deck of cards that will always be lucky.

    19. Personalize a pillow.

    20. Make some picture perfect cookies.

    21. You can put your photos on marshmallows, too.

    22. You can even put your photos on M&M's.

    23. Order a Rubik's Cube that you will love no matter how much it frustrates you.

    24. Wear your heart on your sleeves.

    25. Put a picture on a pick.

    26. Personalize a fleece blanket.

    27. Make greeting cards that are unmistakably you.

    28. Replace the generic magnets on your 'fridge with ones that are much, much better.

    29. Turn a photo into a watercolor stencil portrait.

    30. Print your favorite snapshots directly onto glass.

    31. Make a jigsaw puzzle.

    32. Customize a one-of-a-kind skateboard.

    33. Make an 18" doll you will either cherish or be haunted by for the rest of your life.