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33 Moments In Life That Are More Important Than You Think

Are you appreciating them the way that you should?

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6. Having an adult conversation with your parents.

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At some point your parents go from being rule enforcers to your peers. When they open up about their hopes and dreams — and tell you about things they couldn't before — you need to pay attention.

8. Enjoying a great meal.

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Does your mom, dad, or grandparent cook a meal that you love? Next time they do focus on savoring each bite, remembering the taste and texture. One day it will be just a memory, and even though you'll have the recipe it won't ever taste quite as good as when they made it.


10. Taking a trip with your friends.

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Time often pulls friends in different directions, and when you have spouses and kids it only becomes harder to see each other. That's why it's so important to soak up these moments when you have them.

11. Experiencing disappointment.

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"Savor" might not be quite the right word for this one, but too often we try to wipe these experiences from our memory without examining them, when in fact they can teach us a great deal.


13. Falling in love.

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Love deepens and grows in the best relationships, but there’s nothing quite like the euphoria of first falling in love. Savor it by writing a song, poem, or in a journal. It may sound cheesy, but one day, when you're looking back, you'll be glad to have it.


19. Witnessing the birth of your child.

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Similar to your wedding day, the awesomeness of this moment can overwhelm the senses and make it difficult to remember things clearly. Staying calm and even jotting down your thoughts as they come to you is smart.

20. Accomplishing something you didn’t think you could.

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Surprise yourself by running a marathon (or 5k)? Learn to play a favorite song on the piano or to cook a delicious meal? We're all capable of more than we realize, and when we prove that to ourselves it's worth savoring.


22. Attending an event of your dreams.

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Have you always dreamed of seeing a Broadway play, your rock heroes in concert, or a World Series game? If you get the chance remember to treat it like the special event that it is.


25. Succeeding at work.

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Too often work can be a thankless slog, but there are successes mixed in with the mundane. Whether it's fixing an engine thought to be beyond repair or teaching a struggling student to read, you need to revel in those moments when they come.


29. Leaving a family home.

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It’s the people in life that matter, not the places you occupy. But a family home can be meaningful nonetheless. When moving out stop what you're doing, walk from room to room, and reflect on the good times you shared there once more.

30. Completing your last day of work.

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For better or worse your job is where you've spend the majority of your time for 40 years. Before you leave it behind once and for all think about what you've accomplished, and drink in the sights, smells, and people you did it with.

32. Bringing family together.

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It's easy for each of us to complain about how crazy our family is, but it's those moments when we're all together — before death and geography inevitably pull us apart — that we'll miss the most one day.