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33 All-Time Best Parenting Hacks Every Parent Should Know

These are the hacks that belong in the Parenting Hall of Fame.

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1. Stick a command hook on the back of a high chair to hang bibs.

2. Use the envelope folds on a onesie for their intended purpose — to allow you to pull a onesie DOWN off your poopy baby instead of over their head and making a huge mess.

3. Stick a cupcake liner on a popsicle stick to keep it from dripping everywhere.

4. Put a marshmallow at the bottom of an ice cream cone to stop it from dripping.

5. Cut a sticker down the middle, then put one half inside each of your kid's shoes. This way they'll always know which shoe goes on which foot.

6. Keep your candy safe from your kids by stashing it inside a healthy snack’s empty packaging.

7. If your toddler won't stop taking off their diaper, try putting their onesie on backward.

8. Wash baby socks together in a laundry bag so you never lose another one again.

9. Make keeping track of your kid’s dosages easy by writing a chart on the side of the medicine bottle.

10. Raise the triangles on the sides of a juice box to make it easier for little kids to lift.

11. If your kid is afraid of monsters at night, make some "monster spray" to spray in their room before bed.

12. Make cutting pancakes into toddler-sized bites a snap with a pizza cutter.

13. Freeze yogurt to make ice pops your kid will love.

14. Find out if your baby is wet or poopy — without opening their diaper — by checking their diaper’s color line.

15. To cut your baby's nails without the stress, wait until they've been asleep for 20 minutes.

16. Stop a public restroom flush sensor from suddenly flushing and scaring your kid by covering it with toilet paper or a Post-it note.

17. Pack an extra shirt for yourself in your diaper bag.

18. Put a frozen sponge (in a ziplock bag) in your kid's lunch to keep it cold.

19. Use two plates and a serrated knife to cut a dozen grapes in half in mere seconds.

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This Hall of Fame–worthy parenting hack made a big splash on social media a couple years ago.

20. Stop your kid from using too much toilet paper by putting up a “You Shall Not Pass” sign.

21. Cut down on messes by putting the ketchup under your kid's hotdog.

22. Put plastic wrap over the top of a cup to seriously cut down on spills.

23. Use a lint roller to quickly pick up glitter.

24. Put your toddler in a laundry basket during bath time so their toys don't float out of reach.

25. An Altoid container is the perfect way to store crayons in your purse.

26. Hang a shoe organizer over the back of your seat so the stuff your kid will need is always within reach.

27. Freeze a CapriSun for six hours to turn it into a seriously kid-approved slushy.

28. Keep pacifiers clean in your bag by putting them in soufflé/portion cups.

29. Use a straw to easily remove the stem from a strawberry.

30. To detangle doll hair, fill a small spray bottle with 2 tablespoons of fabric softener and water.

31. Stop your kid from squirting out too much soap by adding a rubber band to the head of the dispenser's pump.

32. Turn an old lotion bottle into a faucet extender so the little ones can reach.

33. And lastly, keep birthday cake from going stale with white bread and toothpicks.