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31 Trashy Signs I Can't Believe Actually Had To Be Put Up Somewhere In The World

Signs of the times.

Let me start this post by saying:

And by YOU PEOPLE, I mean the nasty weirdos who did the things that led to signs like this being put up:

A label on a baby changing table says "No more than 50 pounds, for baby changing, not baby making"

Honestly, I can't believe these signs have to exist out in the world. I mean, look...JUST LOOK:

1. Tell me this sign wasn't repurposed FOUR DAYS LATER.

A sign for a wedding has the groom's name crossed out and replaced, as well as the date rewritten from the 11th to the 15th

2. And why are people sunbathing and having barbecues at the cemetery?!

A sign saying sunbathing and barbecuing are not allowed in the cemetery and asking people to show respect

3. Are employees really masturbating on the job so much they needed to make this sign?

4. And can we please shut down the fraternity that hung this yesterday?

Members of a fraternity on the front lawn with a huge sign that says "you taught them to walk, we'll teach them to ride"

5. Who is the monster who palmed a giant ball of potato salad and inspired this sign?

A buffet features a sign next to the potato salad that says "please use utensils and not your hand"

6. Just how high ARE the people coming into this place to get pancakes?

A sign on the door to an IHOP says "will not serve or seat guest with strong marijuana odor"

7. Ugh...did someone die at this dentist's office?!

A sign reads "if you use methamphetamines within 12 hours of a dental appointment, you need to tell us because dental anesthetic will kill you"

8. Can you believe this is a preschool bathroom?!

A sign on a wall covered in graffiti says "if you have 20 seconds to do cocaine in our bathroom, you have 20 seconds to wash your fucking hands"

9. Men...please stop asking, OK?

A sign says "massage only, no extras, no happy ending, please stop asking"

10. And my lord...if any of you see this sign in public, can you please rip it down?

A sign reads "men are the best cooks because with two eggs, one sausage, and a little of milk, he can fill a girl's tummy for nine months"

11. What on earth is going on with THESE neighbors?

Two signs next to each other, one reads "jackass junkyard next door," and the other reads "hey lowlife, even your mother didn't want you in this neighborhood"

12. And, uh, THESE neighbors?!

A large yard sign that says the people living next door are bad owners of a nuisance dog; the sign has been spray-painted with the word "ass" over the message

13. This has got to be the most awkward yard sale ever.

The sign says "wife caught husband cheating, everything must go, yard sale" with the address of the home

14. And then I don't know if the person who inspired this sign is their neighbor, but they sound like a real piece of work. Also, the person who made the sign needs to try some meditative breathing exercises or something. Yikes!

A very long sign calling someone a "lowlife piece of shit" and saying they'll beat them with an iron bar for stealing food meant for their 2-year-old daughter

😳 😳 😳

15. This sign is making me feel so many things...none of them good.

The sign says "the hands that remove the chew and vomit from the urinals are the same hands that serve your food and beverages, keep our urinals clean"

16. "Bra, socks, underpants, etc."

The sign says "money pulled out of anywhere other than your purse, pocket, or wallet will not be accepted; for example: bra, socks, underpants, etc"

17. Also not accepted: boob or sock money.

The sign says "due to rising summer temperatures and good hygiene, we will not be accepting boob or sock money; questionably moist bills are subject to denial"

18. It's the smiley face that does it for me. (And my goodness, what is the story that inspired THIS sign?!)

The sign says "do not wipe ass with our curtain" with a smiley face drawn at the end

19. Working in customer service is hell, part one.

The sign says "please be respectful and do not hit on our workers; we have the right to refuse service to anyone who ignores this rule"

20. Part two.

The sign says "Pharmacy will be short staffed today, please be patient and do not yell, curse, or make threats to the pharmacist"

21. Definitely part three.

The sign says "We don't spit on your floors, don't spit on ours; if you feel the need to spit, take a cup" with a row of five cups taped to the bottom of the sign

22. And part four.

A sign on the counter next to the bathroom sink says "if you get caught doing drugs in here, you will be 86'd; where you gonna go after 2 a.m. then, stupid?"

Chef's kiss:

23. "Thank you."

The marquee sign in front of a Dairy Queen says "parking lot not for drug sales, thank you"

24. A committee had to budget for the funding of this sign.

The sign says "please do not poop in the rocks, we can't believe we had to make this sign"

25. I feel for the parent who has to drive past this sign with their curious grade schooler.

A stop sign has been spray painted so it now says "don't stop daddy"

26. People are really out there damaging the 9/11 memorial? REALLY?!

A sign at the 9/11 memorial says "if you see anyone scratching, sitting on, or otherwise damaging the names panels, please alert memorial staff"

27. I can smell this Post-It.

A Post-It stuck to an elevator says "stop letting y'all funky-ass dogs piss in the elevator, at least clean it up"

28. And, it turns out, I can smell this sign too.

The sign says "the patio is not a bathroom, stop pissing outside, you know who you are, look up, I can see you on camera"

29. I think this sign is about more than the laundry basket.

A letter taped to a wall says "dear fellow resident, thank you for stealing my 11-year-old laundry basket, now I know what kind of trashy people have moved into this building"

30. Lastly, I can imagine what inspired this sign...but I really, really don't want to.

A bathroom sign that has a thumbs up and "yes" printed next to someone sitting on the toilet, and a thumbs down and "no" printed next to someone bending over next to the toilet and spraying poop in various directions

H/T: r/trashy