31 Things You Won't Miss When Your Kids Are Grown

    There are plenty of amazing things you will miss. These are not them.

    1. Flying with kids.

    2. This.

    3. Dora and all of her questions.

    4. The snaps on baby clothes.

    5. Judgement from other parents.

    6. Teeny bopper music.

    7. Potty training.

    8. Manipulative toy commercials.

    9. "Family sized" grocery bills.

    10. Germ infested play areas.

    11. Stepping on a Lego.

    12. Tantrums

    13. This question:

    14. Cleaning a sippy cup with spoiled milk in it.

    15. Getting your kids in and out of their car seats.

    16. Folding baby clothes.

    17. Blowout diapers.

    18. Crushed Cheerios and Goldfish crackers sprinkled throughout your backseat.

    19. Getting up super early on the weekend.

    20. Parenting when you're sick.

    21. Bad babysitters

    22. This neighborhood kid:

    23. The constant cleaning and picking up.

    24. All of the laundry.

    25. Taking your kids into gas station bathrooms.

    26. Carrying around a giant diaper bag.

    27. All the broken stuff.

    28. Having "The Talk."

    29. Helping your kids with their math homework.

    30. Sullen teenagers.

    31. Lost blankies.