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31 Things You Can Make With A Cardboard Box That Will Blow Your Kids' Minds

Who needs an iPad when you've got a cardboard box?

1. A camper playhouse.

With a few modifications you could make the camper from Breaking Bad. Just sayin'. Find the how-to here.

2. A surprisingly chic handbag.

Find the tutorial here.

3. Your cat's dream home.

4. A washer.

Love the creative use of the hamper. Find out more here.

5. A dryer, too.

Learn more (in Spanish) here.

6. A grocer's shopfront.

"Hey. Got any grapes?" Find the how-to here.

7. A bed that won't hurt your sock monkey's back.

Find the tutorial here.

8. A gas pump.

The cool thing about this gas is that it doesn't cost 5 bucks a gallon! Find the DIY deets here.

9. A backyard playhouse.

"Hi, I'd like to mail this package and order a knish please."

10. A kitchen sink and stove.

11. You can also make a stove using old CDs.

How cool is that? Find the how-to here.

12. A town for Lego toys to populate.

See more here.

13. A maze to end all mazes.

14. A sewing machine.

Find the tutorial here.

15. This phone that doesn't even text.

This might be the first rotary phone your kids ever see. Find the how-to here.

16. A castle.

17. A stoplight.

Click here and scroll down for the tutorial.

18. Guitars.

Learn how to make these here.

19. A pair of amps that almost certainly go to "11."

This was part of an adorable rock star themed birthday party.

20. A charming red barn.

Learn how to raise this barn here.

21. A pirate ship.

22. A deer head wall hanging.

Find out how to make this bad boy here.

23. A ball maze.

This one is great fun for younger kids. Find the how-to here.

24. Planes.

Find the tutorial here.

25. Trains.

This train was part of a super cute cardboard box themed birthday party.

26. And automobiles.

Find the tutorial here.

27. A big (little) city.

28. A coffee shop.

Find more photos of the cutest Starbucks rival ever here.

29. An elevator.

30. Cars for a backyard drive-in party.

See more of this cute kid's birthday party here.

31. Lastly, you have to try this ten minute DIY Transformers costume.

Sorry. I meant ten hour DIY. Learn more here.

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