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31 Incredibly Helpful Tips And Hacks For A New Baby

When you're this exhausted every little bit helps.

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

1. Find out if your baby is wet or poopy β€” without opening their diaper β€” by checking their diaper's color line.

Most diapers have a yellow line in the front that turns blue when your baby is wet. Find this and 14 other new baby tips here.

2. Make a batch of "magic laundry cleaner" to get even the nastiest stains out of baby clothes.

Learn how to make it here.

3. Put a command hook on the back of your baby's high chair so you're never stuck frantically searching for a bib.

This is actually the most popular parenting hack on Pinterest in 2015. Learn more about it here.

4. Keep from losing tiny baby socks by washing them in a mesh laundry bag.

Find this and eight other new baby tips here.

5. Use a crib sheet to protect an outdoor baby from bug bites and too much sun.

Find this tip and other new baby content here.

6. Keep pacifiers clean on-the-go by storing them in souffle cups.

7. You can also make sure your baby always has a clean pacifier by buying one that self-closes. / Via

If the pacifier falls out of your baby's mouth, the blue guard will snap closed before it hits the ground. Get one here for $4.49.

8. Use baking soda, soap, and hot water to make cleaning baby bottles a snap.

Learn more here.

9. Keep your baby content when babywearing by attaching toys and pacifiers to your sling.

Find this tip and lot of other babywearing information here.

10. Get the best possible photos of your new baby in the hospital by adjusting camera speed and taking advantage of natural light.

Find these new baby photo tricks here.

11. Use "the secret swaddle" to get even the most sleep-resistant baby to sleep.

Read more about this β€” and check out a "how to" video β€” here.

12. Avoid a huge mess during a blowout diaper situation by pulling the onesie DOWN off your baby instead of over their head.

That's actually the purpose of the envelope folds indicated above β€” to allow you to pull the onesie down off your baby. Sure beats getting poop in your baby's hair, right? Learn more here.

13. Re-purpose an empty foaming soap dispenser into a DIY foaming baby wash.

Find instructions here.

14. Keep track of your baby's doses by writing a chart on the side of the medicine bottle.

15. Use a makeup brush to "paint on" diaper cream so you don't get the sticky stuff on your hands.

Find this and other parenting hacks here.

You can also order this diaper cream applicator that likely works better than a makeup brush.

Order one here for $8.

16. Gently stroke your baby's face with a tissue to get them to sleep in less than 40 seconds.

Every baby is different, so yours might not respond the same way to this tissue hack. If not, try gently massaging your baby's scalp, forehead, and belly.

17. Darkening curtains are also a terrific help for putting a baby to sleep β€” and keeping them asleep.

Order these for $10.79 here.

18. A white noise machine can also help a new baby sleep.

The white noise drowns out distractions so your baby is less likely to wake up. Order this one here for $24.99.

19. Make "Mother's milk pacifiers" to soothe teething pain and give your baby sustenance at the same time.

20. Save water, time, and money by getting a BabyDam for your baby's bath time.

Order one here.

21. Vacuum seal diapers to make them more portable.

This is an especially good idea if you're going on vacation and only have so much room in your suitcase.

22. If you live in small quarters where even an odor-free diaper pail is too stinky, you can forgo the pail by filling an empty wipes dispenser with grocery store bags.

Simply bag up each stinky diaper and dispose of it outside or down the trash chute. Learn more about this hack here.

23. Relieve discomfort in your baby by massaging their feet.

Some parents believe in reflexology, some don't. If your baby is miserable, however, you'll be willing to try anything!

24. Relieve gas by gently pushing your baby's knees toward their chest.

To learn other ways to relieve gas pains watch the video here.

25. Make a portable diaper basket so you don't have to go to baby room every single time you need to change a diaper.

A basket like this is great for taking on the road, too. Learn more here.

26. Cure diaper rash by making a paste out of Mylanta and baking soda.

Michelle Feghaly / Via

Just spread the paste on the rash and close your baby's diaper. You should see an improvement quickly. (Of course, you'll want to check with your pediatrician first before trying this.)

27. You can lower the chances of your baby peeing on you by wiping a wet wipe across their belly just under the belly button before opening their diaper.

This will likely inspire your baby to pee in the diaper before you open it.

28. Reserve your baby's email and social media handles now.

Flickr: cdharrison / Via Creative Commons

If your kid's name is, say, Betsy Jonesville, you should snatch up BetsyJonesville@gmail, @BetsyJonesville on Twitter, and so on. Otherwise, your kid will be stuck with something unwieldy like BetsyJonesville14352@gmail in 15 years.

29. The best time to cut your baby's nails is twenty minutes after they've fallen asleep.

Flickr: georgeatanassov / Via Creative Commons

Your baby will be in a deep sleep, and you will be able to trim their nails without any squirming.

30. Stash wipes and a few extra diapers in the back of your car so you can always change your baby in a pinch.

Heather Spohr / BuzzFeed

At some point you will forget to pack diapers before you leave the house, but if you've taken this precaution you'll be able to survive the gaffe.

31. Don't forget to pack an extra shirt for yourself in your diaper bag.

Most parents know they need to bring a change of clothes for the baby, but you'll need an extra shirt for yourself, too, in case your baby spits up on you or worse.

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