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29 Little Things That Are So, So, So, So, So Annoying

"Slurping a drink when it’s almost all gone."

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2. "When people pronounce library as 'lie-berry' or say 'nu-CU-ler' instead of 'nuclear.' I always feel like Hermione telling Ron that it's leviOsa not leviosA because it seems so minute to them, but it's so important to me."


15. "When people speak and I can hear the spit in their mouths. I will turn off a documentary if someone is loud enough for me to hear. And I won’t listen to talk radio because of this — it’s like they all have their microphones under their tongues."


18. "People who use their cellphones during movies! Are you so attached to your tech that you can’t go two hours without looking at it? At least leave the theater if you can’t control yourself."


23. "When people ask questions that could be easily answered through the power of observation. For example, I used to work in a coffee shop and people would ask if we sold coffee."

24. "When you're waiting in line at the grocery store, and a cashier opens a new register and says, 'I can help whoever is next in line' and the person at the END of the line dashes over. They are clearly NOT the NEXT person in line!"


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