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    29 Ways To Design Your Kid's Dream Bathroom

    Your kids will remember to flush AND wash their hands in a bathroom like this...maybe.

    Amy Sefton/BuzzFeed

    1. Keep your kid's shower essentials at arm's length with these adorably clever Shower Squid.

    Order yours here.

    2. Have your kids begging for bath time so they can play with this Bathtub Ball Track Playset.

    Order yours here.

    3. Keep your kids from making a mess at night with this motion-activated toilet night-light.

    This is especially good for boys still perfecting their, uh, aim. Order yours here.

    4. You can also place rope lighting under bathroom cabinets to make it easier for kids at night.

    5. Put Lego bricks into liquid soap bottles to make them extra special.

    With soap this cool your kids might actually use it. Learn how here.

    6. Swap out your plain shower curtain for one your kids are guaranteed to love.

    Order this "Super Cat" shower curtain here.

    7. Kids will love this velociraptor silhouette curtain, too.

    8. Install a step drawer so your kids can easily reach the sink.

    Learn how here.

    9. You can also DIY a step stool — like this cool one that incorporates yardsticks into the design.

    10. Hang this cool Radio Flyer wagon shelf.

    Way, way cooler than your average shelf. Order yours here.

    11. Use a dinosaur toy to hold an extra toilet paper roll.

    You can leave the dinosaur as is, or dye it the accent color of your bathroom as seen above. Learn more here.

    12. DIY a totally winning toothbrush holder out of Lego bricks...

    Rose Marshack / Via

    13. Or a favorite animal toy.

    Learn how this $3 giraffe toy was DIYed into a toothbrush holder here.

    14. You can also order these clever animal holders.

    Order yours here.

    15. Have limited sink space? Try these adorable hanging animal holders.

    16. Order this faucet extender — and handle extender — to make washing hands easier for little kids.

    Aqueduck / Via

    Order the faucet extender here and handle extender here.

    17. You can also DIY a faucet extender.

    18. Make showering easier for kids with this adjustable shower head.

    Ginsey Industries / Via

    Order yours here.

    19. Use a shower rod and dollar store baskets to keep bath toys organized.

    20. Dress up your cabinet drawers with these fun mermaid knobs.

    Order yours here.

    21. These Hot Wheels knobs will add a whole lot of fun, too.

    Order yours here.

    22. Swap out the towel bar for hooks hung low enough for kids to reach.

    Learn about this tip and more here.

    23. While you're at it make the hooks fun, like these mermaids.

    Get yours here.

    24. This monster towel rack is also pretty awesome.

    Get yours here.

    25. DIY these hanging letters to jazz up the walls (and act as a friendly reminder to your kids).

    Find the DIY here.

    26. These superhero wall hangings will also encourage good hygiene.

    Order yours here.

    27. This wall hanging won't encourage any good behavior, but kids are sure to love it.

    Order yours here.

    28. Keep your unsightly plunger hidden in this slightly less unsightly monster's face.

    Order one here.

    29. Lastly, give your kids the ultimate bragging rights by hanging this fish bowl on their bathroom wall.

    Order one here.