29 Ways To Throw The Ultimate "Inside Out" Birthday Party

    "It's a great day!"

    1. Announce the joy-ous occasion with this invitation.

    2. Hang a "Happy Birthday" banner that will have your guests highly emotional.

    3. Surprise the birthday boy or girl with this customized T-shirt.

    4. Blast an Inside Out inspired playlist.

    5. Give your guests one of these perfectly on-theme napkins before they hit the treats.

    6. Set out these awesomely colored Inside Out cupcakes.

    7. These cookies are pretty memorable, too.

    8. Serve the same type of cotton candy Bing Bong is made out of.

    9. Let kids go crazy in the backyard with these bubble wands.

    10. You can also entertain kids in the backyard with this hockey rink in honor of Riley's favorite sport.

    11. Want to keep the fun indoors? Try this felt character activity.

    12. Another great indoor activity is this Inside Out emotions board game.

    13. Little kids will also love this emotions sorting game.

    14. Decorate your home with these impressive wall decals.

    15. Replacing your regular outlet covers with these is a nice touch, too.

    16. Set up an egg decorating station.

    17. Looking for a less-mess activity? Try these fun coloring pages.

    18. Set up a snack table with snacks themed to each of the movie's four emotions.

    For example, Anger's snacks include Flamin' Hot Cheetos and Hi-C Flashin' Fruit Punch.

    19. A jelly bean station is pretty sweet, too.

    20. Remember the broccoli pizza that Riley (and Anger) weren't crazy about?

    It actually makes a great snack for your adult guests.

    21. Keep everyone hydrated with bottled water featuring these personalized labels.

    22. If you're serving beverages other than water, they need to go in these cups.

    23. Let your guests take a whack at an Inside Out piñata.

    24. Set up a stage so your guests can create their own Inside Out puppet shows.

    25. Remember the memory balls in the movie?

    Kids will love this craft where they make their own.

    26. When the party is winding down hand out these plates...

    27. And serve this cake!

    28. Don't forget the goody bags.

    29. But if goody bags aren't your thing these custom-made candy wrappers are a great way to say, "Thanks for coming," too.