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29 Tweets That Perfectly Capture What It's Like To Be A Single Parent


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1. When you have to be good cop AND bad cop:

#SINGLEMOMLIFE Discipline my son. He throws a tantrum. He calms down. He's forced to come to me for comfort afterwards. #imgoodcopandbadcop

2. When you know it doesn't matter how things get done as long as they get done:

Feeding my son leftover burrito during his bath #singledadlife #OnFleek

3. When "date night" is a little different than it used to be:

4. And when your kids have ideas about your dating life:

G: I don't want you to get a boyfriend Me: Do you want me to be alone forever? G: got Beaux #singlemomlife


5. When things could be awkward, but you don't let them be:

Being the only mom at tball practice. 👍 #singlemomlife

6. When your kid gets sick:

Day 4 with a sick kid. Winning in the cuddles department. Losing on the "getting anything else done" front. #singlemomlife

7. And when you get sick:

Really not feeling well, but there are no sick days. Being a mom. #singlemomlife

8. When you realize your parenting skills are off the charts:

When you can use the bathroom while holding baby in your arms. #skills #singlemomlife


9. When you're having one of those days:

It's been one of those days! #isitbedtimeyet #zen #SingleMomLife

10. When your kid is gone and you feel a little lost:

The kid is at a sleepover for his first time and I can't find anything to do #singledadlife

11. When you get skunked:

Literally everyone including my mom said no to babysitting. Guess I'll be missing my friends birthday. #SingleMomLife

12. And when you're like 🙏:

Got a babysitter for the weekends! ! Thank God!!! #singlemomlife


13. When you have to answer the tough questions:

Explaining to C that mommy and daddy don't live together because he's talking and asking questions 😖 wow... #singlemomlife

14. And when you do what you have to do:

school closing means 120 Miles to grandmas and back on icy roads so I can make 72 bucks Then another 120 miles after work. #Singledadlife

15. When you don't let anything stop you from reaching your goals:

#faugrad @fauselfie @FAUpresident #singlemomlife

16. When you come to this truth:

I like being single. I get more shit done when I'm not worrying about anybody but me and my son #singlemomlife


17. When "me time" comes with a chaser of chores:

Watching Platoon and folding laundry at the same time. #singledadlife

18. And when you don't want the "me time" to end:

Everyday I say I need to get to bed earlier and every night I look at the clock and its 11:30/12:00, where does the time go?! #singlemomlife

19. When you're a tad rusty in the partying department:

When people hit you up to party, and the only parties you ever have are with chucky cheese #SingleMomLife #LoveIt

20. When your kid reminds you why you do it all:

I almost balled like a little bitch when I pulled this out of my little boy's backpack. #shitgetsreal #singledadlife


21. When you really aren't asking for much:

I wish I could at least grocery shop in peace ugh 😩#singlemomlife

22. When you date people who don't get your priorities:

#singlemomlife 💁🏼 pretty much lol

"Of course her kids come before you! Hell, her kids come before her!"

23. When you have a right to be proud (and a little snarky):

GRADUATION DAY!🎓 I'd like to thank my son's dad for teaching him how to tie a tie. His dad's name is @YouTube Haha! #imabitch #singlemomlife

24. When there's no one but you to kill spiders:

Found in the window sill right above my pillow, just as I'm headed to sleep. Eeek! Woah is me! #singlemomlife


25. And worse:

two tarantulas to take care of now. #singleDadLife HAHA

26. When you wish your friends understood your situation a little better:

More than getting out of the house without my kids, I need invitations to include my kids. #singlemomlife

27. When you amaze even yourself with what you can do:

don't tell me you "can't" when I just took two kids under the age of 6 to a salon by myself for 1 1/2 hrs. #singlemomlife 💪💪

28. When you have the right attitude:

This ain't the #Titanic. Just stay afloat #life #PTSD #singlemomlife #BAMLIFE #survivor #survive…

29. And this, definitely this: