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    29 Tweets From Parents That Are All Too Real

    Have you ever searched "I think my kid..." on Twitter?

    1. When your kid needs to bring it down a notch:

    I think my kid would literally explode if he stopped talking for longer than ten seconds

    2. When Frozen fatigue is intense:

    I think my kid has watched #Frozen too many times...whenever he doesn't like something he says "go away Ana"

    3. When your kid makes you go hmmm:

    @InternetEh @60th_Street @BellatrixCarrie @shortstack81 cawing at each other. I think my kid is a dog sometimes

    4. When you worry about your kid's diet:

    At this point, I think my kid's blood type is Cheez It #solidnutrition

    5. When you have legitimate questions:

    Is there a word for someone who's like an arsonist, but with water? I think my kid might be that.

    6. When this parenting nightmare happens:

    I think my kid is hitting the "terrible two's" a year early. 😳

    7. When your kid is special:

    Sometimes I think my kid is totally a genius. Sometime he gets a tissue box stuck on his foot. #proudparent #toddlers

    8. When your kid unknowingly cracks you up:

    I think my kid just declared prostitution a government service.

    9. When you wish you could un-hear something:

    I think my kid just admitted she is aware of the "two girls, one cup" um, thing. Damn you internet.

    10. When your kid reminds you of someone unexpected:

    I think my kid watches too much @billmaher he's starting to look like him.

    11. And when your kid resembles someone hilarious:

    @BarstoolTrent I think my kid is a reborn Farley

    12. When you love your kid, but...:

    I think my kid had an asshole sandwich today, because he is acting like a grade A asshole.

    13. When your kid impresses/horrifies you:

    I think my kid is eating and pooping at the same time... #tmi

    14. When you ponder this question every parent has pondered:

    I think my kid is really cute but I look at ugly ass kids who's parents think they're really cute too so now it's like idn πŸ˜‚

    15. When you worry about Minecraft addiction:

    I think my kid might be playing too much #Minecraft. He asked me if he came from a spawn egg.

    16. And SpongeBob addiction:

    17. And Harry Potter addiction:

    I think my kid is officially Harry Potter obsessed.

    18. When your kid reaches a new milestone:

    I think my kid just told me his first lie. Yay for developmental milestones. He knows like ten words.

    19. When your kid has spelling issues:

    Ok, I think my kid is trolling now... 😭😭😭

    20. When you don't know who your kid is:

    Uhhhh, I think my kid is a snob... #kentuckyderby #pellegrino #boutthatlife

    21. When you can't handle summer vacation:

    I think my kid needs day camps this year >:)

    22. When you just want your kid to sleep:

    I think my kid forgot how to bedtime.

    23. And when the clouds part and this happens:

    I think my kid has slept through the night 2 nights in a row. Celebrate good times c'mon its a celebration.

    24. When you have regrets:

    I think my kid followed a Candy Crush account when he was furiously swiping around on my iPad.

    25. When you embrace an ugly truth:

    I think my kid sounds like one of the walkers on the Walking Dead when she eats.

    26. When you experience this O.G. parent problem:

    I think my kid pooped but I don't want to wake him up. #parenthood

    27. When homework:

    I think my kid's teacher hates me. My first grader was assigned Margaret Thatcher for her biography report.

    28. When eating out was a mistake:

    I've never seen anyone actually thrown out of a restaurant before, but I think my kid may be my first in this one. #dadproblems

    29. And when you just can't handle how perfect your kid is:

    Just look at this whittle girl. She's adorable, sorry Yall but like any other parent. I think my kid is PERFECT

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