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29 Tried And True Tips Every Brand New Parent Needs

Welcome to baby boot camp.

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1. "Feel confident to refuse visitors."

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"Yes, it's wonderful to share your new bundle of joy, but you don't want to entertain and talk about your birthing process when you're sleep deprived. It was the biggest mistake I made — too many visitors the first two weeks!"


2. "If you're getting angry or very upset with your baby, put them down in a safe space and take a breather."

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"If a time comes when you're at the end of your tether, it's better to take a step back than to be angry at your baby."

— Nicole Kelly Reynolds, Facebook


3. "When changing a diaper, put the clean one under the dirty one before you take it off."

"It makes it easier to avoid being pooped on, and if you have a boy, it makes it easier to prevent them from peeing all over the place."


5. "Make freezer meals."

Flickr: aprilandrandy / Via Creative Commons

Make them not only for in the beginning when you're recovering, but also for the days when the baby is extra fussy or when they're sick and you have to spend all day at the doctor."

— Amber Coffman, Facebook

6. "Snuggle your baby."

Flickr: juanedc / Via Creative Commons

"Too many parents are worried about creating bad habits. You cannot spoil a baby. Love them. Hold them. Snuggle them. It goes by way too fast."

— Kimberly Brooks, Facebook


8. "Whatever you do, don't forget about yourself."

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"Take a bath, read a book, go on a walk, just do something without the baby. Your baby is an amazing, beautiful thing, but so are you! Find somebody to watch them for an hour and go."


9. "When you have to administer oral medication, just gently blow on your baby's face."

"It causes an involuntary swallow. It was the most amazing trick. My daughter was never a problem to medicate thanks to that."


10. "If you're overwhelmed with how hard the first year is, remember it's only one year out of your life that your baby needs you so much."

Flickr: saradipity / Via Creative Commons

"It's a tiny fraction of our life that they depend on us for everything and watching them grow up is so bittersweet!"

— Elizabeth Walters, Facebook


13. "Don't let people make you feel bad about how you feed your baby."

Lars Plougmann / Via Flickr: criminalintent

"As long as the baby gets nourishment you're doing your job. Do what works for you and the baby."

— Jennifer Witman Turley, Facebook

14. "Invest in a comfortable piece of furniture for nursing/bottle feeding."

Flickr: easement / Via Creative Commons

"You will be nursing/bottle feeding the baby every three hours — day and night — for about two months, so having a sweet place to 'park it' is great!"

— Erika Renee Holleran, Facebook


15. "Take the baby out into the world."

Flickr: amira_a / Via Creative Commons

"Going for a walk to get a coffee with the baby in the stroller can be just as needed as a nap. The change of environment is really helpful and at this stage babies are so easy to get out of the house."


17. "Remember that people don't always post about the difficult stuff."

Flickr: squant / Via Creative Commons

"Don't assume you're failing because no one else seems to be struggling. You're viewing other people's parenting through the picture-perfect eyes of social media. They have their bad days too."



19. "Double wrap the crib mattress (protector, sheet, protector, sheet) so that if there's a middle of the night diaper blow out or spit up issue you can easily rip off the tainted layers."

21. "The small stuff can wait.'"

Valueline / Getty Images

"So you haven't showered in a couple of days, your house is a mess, and you've had take out five days in a row… Who cares! As long as you and your baby are healthy and enjoying your time together the small stuff can wait. You will fall into a routine eventually."



23. "Remember that before you were parents you were simply a couple."

Flickr: picmatt / Via Creative Commons

"Never forget to take couple time outs. Date each other. Even if it means just cuddling up with a glass of wine and talking about your dreams."


25. "Remember nothing that goes wrong is the baby's fault."

Kamilla Oliveira / Via Flickr: milla_oliiveira

"If your baby is crying a lot or won't nap or is just driving you bonkers, she's not doing it to be an asshole. She's trying to figure out this new world and it's pretty scary."



28. "Learn to be flexible."

Flickr: merille / Via Creative Commons

"Everything from your birth plan to how you raise your baby will go differently than you thought so learn to be ok with that and adjust accordingly. If you try to plan and control every situation, it'll only stress you out when it doesn't go your way."


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