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    29 Boredom Busters Your Kids Will Actually Love

    Because you refuse to hear the b-word.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Use some pillows and a pair of dad-size T-shirts to "sumo wrestle."

    Learn more here.

    2. Let your kids have fun painting — and then eating — rainbow toast.

    The "paint" is made by combining condensed milk and food coloring, and gives the toast a slightly sweet taste. Try it on St. Patrick's Day! Find directions here.

    3. They can also have a blast playing with rainbow rice.

    Learn more about this super-fun project here.

    4. Whip up a batch of homemade gak.

    It's almost as fun to make as it is to play with. Learn more here.

    5. Break open a box of cookies and let your kids play Cookie Othello.

    6. DIY a dollhouse out of a shoebox.

    Kids can spend the first day making it, then the rest of the week playing with it. Find the directions here.

    7. Plastic cups can be used for all kinds of fun, including stacking games.

    Find a number of cool ideas here.

    8. Use a straw to make an unconventional paper plane unlike any your kids have ever seen before.

    These will fly even further than regular paper planes too. Learn more here.

    9. Speaking of straws, you can turn a box of them into a impressively tuneful musical instrument.

    Learn how to make "singing straws" here.

    10. Make Rainbow Bubble Snakes using items you more than likely already have around your home.

    11. Let your kids make an adorable shark toy using a clothespin.

    Learn more (in Spanish) here.

    12. Put a bar of soap in the microwave to make soap clouds.

    13. Plastic cups and balloons are all you need to make a surprisingly powerful marshmallow shooter.

    If you don't want marshmallows getting lost in your home or yard you can use pom-poms instead. Learn more here.

    14. Let your kids create their own stickers.

    15. Use string, a hanger, and a stuffed animal to make an indoor zip wire.

    16. Play minute to win it games.

    Find more about the chopsticks game here, and more about the rubber band shoot-out here.

    17. You can also make some giants bubbles to play with.

    The cool thing about these is that they're reusable. Learn more here.

    18. Transform a pool noodle into a marble racetrack.

    19. Marbles are also lots of fun with this DIY marble roll game.

    20. Spend an afternoon making DIY washi tape wooden bracelets.

    21. Your kids can also pass the time making fast friendship bracelets.

    Fast = easy for kids. Learn more here.

    22. Set up a homemade bubble station so your kids can play without needing your help every five minutes.

    Learn more — plus find a terrific recipe for homemade bubbles — here.

    23. Use storage bags to create no-mess art.

    Find instructions here.

    24. Put some tape on the carpet to play bullseye bowling.

    Find this activity and five others your kids can play with tape here.

    25. DIY a toy car wash to keep your kids busy for hours.

    26. Entertain your kids with nothing more than a cardboard box.

    Find 31 creative ideas here.

    27. Conduct science experiments using soda, candy, and balloons.

    Find out how here.

    28. Thrill your kids with frozen dinosaur eggs.

    Find out how to make them here.

    29. Make "ice cream" from bananas only.

    Yum. Learn how here.

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