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    29 Rare And Original Baby Names That Are Totally Delightful

    These parents really went for it when naming their kids.

    After we posted a list of surprising names people have had, BuzzFeed readers shared the rare names they've come across in their lives. And wow, they're definitely one-of-a-kind:

    1. "My granddaughter's name is Rocket."


    2. "A girl at my church is named Araya Sunshine. You know, like 'a ray of sunshine.'”


    3. "When I worked as a bridal consultant, I helped a girl whose legal first name was Cupcake."


    4. "I had a class in culinary school with a woman whose name was Egypt Treasure. I had to look at her school ID just to confirm."



    5. My son’s name is Rivvin. As far as I know, he is the only one. He is named after a character my husband made years ago for Dungeons and Dragons.

    6. "My name is Viveka, the girl version of Vivek (a popular boy's name in South Asia). I've never met anyone with my name."

    United States Department of Health and Human Services


    Above is the 19th Surgeon General of the United States Vivek Murthy.

    7. "My brother’s first name is Science! At first, everyone is really shocked and asks if it’s just a nickname, but as time goes on it seems like a normal name."


    8. "One of my student’s names is Appalachia Rain."


    9. "Once there was a student in my class whose mother’s name was Snow White. I thought she was using an alias or being cute until I checked with the office and saw a copy of her ID on file."


    10. "I'm named Pier Noelle. People seem to constantly overthink it and call me Pierre. My go to line is, 'Just like the pier on the beach.'"


    11. "My name is Tomoro, pronounced like the the word tomorrow. I’ve never met anyone with the same name. Everyone always sings the song from Annie to me."



    12. "My name is Xyz, and it’s pronounced S-i-z."



    13. "I used to work at the County Clerk's office and had to enter birth certificates in the system. I came across many unusual names. The one that stuck out the most was 'Princess Jewel Love'. There were many more that made me think, 'Poor kid.'"


    14. "My brother went to high school with a kid named Miami Dolphin. His dad was a huge fan."


    15. "My husband has a cousin named General. Neither he or anyone in his family has anything to do with the armed forces."

    Naval Historical Center

    16. "There was this girl I knew in kindergarten who was named Galaxy. Her little brother's name was Cosmo."


    17. "My son’s name is Asher Voldemort, Ash from Pokémon and Voldemort obviously for the dark lord."

    Warner Bros.

    18. "A science teacher at the high school I went to gave his daughter the name Ultra Violet."

    19. "There were younger siblings who lived in the apartment above me named Rapunzel and Whisper."


    20. "I have a cousin named Vader, named after Darth Vader."

    20th Century Fox

    21. "I went to high school with twin girls named Tequila and Chardonnay. They said it’s what each of their parents had to drink the night they were conceived. I think their names are pretty brilliant!"


    22. "I work in HR so I see a lot of names. The one that I cannot get over is Arrogance."



    23. "My name is Prascovia. I was named after a character in the novela The Gambler by Dostoevsky."

    Musaicum Books

    24. "I named my daughter Legend Blue."



    25. "I knew a girl in junior high who was named Camaro. She was a really cool chick. She moved away so I only knew her briefly."


    26. "My name is Millaray. It’s a Mapuche name that means golden flower."


    Mapauche are indigenous inhabitants of south-central Chile and southwestern Argentina. Above is Chilean singer and actress Millaray Viera.

    27. "I knew a kid named Rock and his sister was named Pebble. But get this — they lived in Boulder, Colorado."


    28. "There’s the kid I know — I say kid, but he’s 19 — who is named Crayon."


    29. "My old boss named his daughter Dasani."

    dasaniwater / Via


    Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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