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28 Things People Obsessed With Cookie Butter Will Understand

"And on the eighth day God created cookie butter."

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1. You started out eating regular cookie butter...

2. But it wasn't long before you'd tried crunchy...

4. Okay, and the ice cream, too. You might have a problem.

5. Your favorite way to eat this manna from heaven is with a spoon.

6. And you keep scraping the bottom of the jar long after it's gone.

Your brain tells you to stop, but your heart cries out, "Don't give up."

7. You've turned on everyone in your life to the glory that is cookie butter.

8. And when I say everyone...

10. This is what your dreams look like at night.

Sex dreams? Lol. Cookie butter dreams!

11. You've gone from hiding it in your kitchen to bringing a stash with you wherever you go.

12. And you definitely bust it out when in traffic.

13. You've run to the store with every intention of just getting shampoo, but it never works out that way.

Deep down you know this was your plan all along.

14. When you discover a new cookie butter product you're both excited and scared.

"Cookies and Cream? Yay! Also, I'm doomed."

15. You're pretty sure the container was designed to fit snuggly in the ridges of your couch.

16. You usually eat the good stuff by yourself, but not without company.

Michael and Holly would totally love cookie butter, you're sure of it.

17. You: "Gilmore Girls is now on Netflix? I know what we're doing with our weekend, Cookie Butter."

18. You eat so much cookie butter that you can scoop out an exact serving size.

19. You've stood in the kitchen and tried to talk yourself out of eating it.

"I wish I could quit you, cookie butter."

20. Yes, the guilt is real.


21. To feel better about how much cookie butter you eat, you often eat it with something healthy.

But really, you're just eating as many calories while mucking up the glorious taste.

22. When you discover a restaurant that makes a Cookie Butter Shake, it instantly became your favorite restaurant.

Your friend: "What's your favorite meal at this new favorite restaurant of yours?" You: "Eh, whatever. The food is pretty lousy."

23. When you hear about people putting cookie butter on something weird - like a hamburger - you're more intrigued than grossed out.

Come to me, you bizarre yet undoubtedly delicious burger.

24. Cookie butter bacon? Yeah, you're down.

25. In a moment of weakness you've paired it with something every bit as decadent.

In the morning you hate yourself for it. (But not as much as you love yourself for it.)

26. You tell yourself you're going to lay off the stuff for a while, but then you see a display of these gems...

27. And leave it looking like this.

"Cookie butter has the upper hand! I repeat! Cookie butter has the upper hand!"

28. Basically, cookie butter is now a permanent part of your life, and you're more than okay with that.

One more thing: You're going to want to check out these 21 cookie butter recipes.

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