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28 People Who Had One Drink Too Many

Actually, they probably had seven or eight too many.

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1. This guy who was too drunk to realize that Dave Grohl was inches away from his face.

2. This girl whose food wasn't fast enough.

3. This poor soul who was too hammered to realize what was happening right in front of him.

4. This guy whose tolerance didn't stack up to that of his buds.

5. This guy who took a nap in the middle of the road.

6. This guy who caught his z's in a tub.

7. These girls who missed their stop.

8. This guy who got sick on the street.

10. This guy who ruined the 7-Eleven clerk's night.

11. This guy whose friends were real dicks.

12. This man who was oh so close to making it to the urinal.

13. This guy whose dog's balls couldn't even sober him up.

14. This iPhone owner who had one heckuva dropped call.

15. This businessman who really tied one on.

16. Whoever left these keys in the door.

17. This guy who got his PJs on but never made it out of the bathroom.

18. This guy whose buddies now refer to as "Chip."

19. This guy who sang, "I believe I can fly!"

21. This guy who got trashed.

22. This lady who can't even handle this club right now.

23. This guy and his "pour" date.

24. This guy who undoubetedly drank most of those beers himself.

25. This girl who was moments away from being tossed out.

26. This beer drinker who got into a sticky situation.

27. These bros whose drinking contest ended in a draw.

28. And this driver who learned a wholly original reason why you should never, ever drink and drive.

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