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    28 Mind-Blowing Charts That Repeatedly Made Me Go, "What?! Is That True?! How?!"

    WARNING: You'll be thinking about these things for a long time.

    1. Nuclear mushroom clouds can be so much more staggeringly large than you likely realized.

    2. If you're being honest, you're probably a little foggy on the difference between a second cousin and a first cousin once removed. This napkin explains it all!

    3. A bunch of America's most famous bottled water brands are actually all made by the same company — BlueTriton Brands (Nestlé, who previously owned all these brands, sold them last year).

    4. "Fishes" CAN be the plural form of "fish." Little kids everywhere are vindicated!

    5. Being color blind doesn't mean you see the world in black and white — it's that you have a narrower perception of color.

    6. Speaking of eye sight, babies don't just pop out with fully developed vision. ... It's a gradual process.

    7. We've all been watering our plants the wrong way.

    8. People draw tally marks differently depending on where they are in the world. Huh.

    9. The nerves related to our teeth are something I'll never be able to unsee.

    10. Los Angeles County has a greater population than 40 actual states!

    This graphic, I think, is a little off. It shows only seven states with larger populations than Los Angeles County, but — according to the 2020 census — there are 10 states with more than Los Angeles County's 10.04 million residents (California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, and Michigan).

    Still...I never would've imagined that!!!! Time to apply for statehood, Los Angeles, LOL!

    11. And the elevation of the mainland USA is wild to look at! I had no idea the difference in the West was this dramatic!

    I guess it explains why the early pioneers (like the Donner party) had so much trouble heading west.

    12. Here's one more US map one — the American Southwest's climate is like the Middle East's, and Washington's is like England's!

    13. There's a type of jellyfish that's — wait for it — immortal. Known as the Immortal Jellyfish, the species (as the chart says) "can revert from sexual maturity to a sexually immature, colonial stage and repeat the process indefinitely."

    14. We all know dinosaurs roamed the earth, but did you know WHERE they lived? The T-Rex, it turns out, only lived in North America!

    15. You can do the Heimlich Maneuver on a choking dog and save their life.

    16. Speaking of dogs, the asphalt your dog walks on is probably way hotter than you realized.

    17. You can figure out what bug did you dirty just by looking at your bite.

    18. Things are pretty secretive in North Korea, but it appears this wild fact is (or at least was) true — their professional basketball league has their own rules, including dunks being worth three points!

    19. Fruit hasn't always been the same — modern watermelon, bananas, and carrots, for example, have been radically improved through domestication!

    20. You've probably heard streaming makes it really hard for a musician to make a living, but this chart shows just how dire a situation it is!

    21. What you wear running or riding a bike at night makes a shockingly HUGE difference in how visible you are.

    22. This graphic explains how gerrymandering works in simple we can all understand how infuriating it is!

    23. Hackers can crack a so-so password instantly, but a really strong one can take millions (yes, millions) of years to crack.

    24. Here's the differences between endemic, epidemic, and pandemic...explained in the simplest way possible.

    25. This sobering chart shows just how despicable these absolute monsters were.

    26. This trick for remembering how many days are in each month is pretty cool (the "knuckles" months are the ones with 31 days).

    27. If you love movies, this one is FASCINATING.

    28. And lastly, I knew Africa was big but not THIS BIG!