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26 Ways To Preserve Your Kids' Memories Forever

Because your kids will be grown before you (and they) know it.

1. Imprint a damaged teddy before throwing it away.

2. Turn one of your kid's drawings into a key chain.

3. You can also turn a drawing into a softie.

4. Preserve your baby's hospital hat and I.D. bracelet in an ornament.

5. Make a family yearbook.

6. Catalogue memorable items from each school year.

7. Another fun option is to make school memory boxes.

8. Keep an Ugly Photo Book.

9. Take humorously inappropriate photos to give to your kid upon graduating from high school.

10. Save ticket stubs to every show, concert, and game that you see together.

11. Collect keepsakes from family trips in jars.

12. Make a photo book of your kid's artwork.

13. You can also save your kid's artwork (and a whole lot more!) with Keepy.

14. Document your pregnancy so that you can share it with your baby one day.

15. Save the packaging of your kid's favorite drinks and snacks.

16. Have a quilt made out of your kid's baby clothes.

17. Baby clothes can also be made into a teddy bear.

18. Frame fabric silhouette memory artwork.

19. Turn a shadow box into a "memory box."

20. Interview your kids after family trips.

21. You can interview them at the end of the year, too.

22. Keep a family blog.

23. Write down all of the funny things your kid says.

24. You can also turn one of their quotes into a wall hanging.

25. Keep annual time capsules.

26. Put a "Good Time Jar" on your counter.

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