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26 Valentine's Day Ideas Every Parent Needs To Know

Because your kid is your real Valentine.

1. Wake your kid up to some Valentine's Day balloon gifts.

All you have to do is attach a favorite candy bar or small toy to the balloons and set them around your sleeping kid. Learn more here.

2. Serve up an awesomely appropriate breakfast — like this Valentine's Day egg in the basket.

Find the eggcelent recipe here.

3. While you're at it, why not serve up some heart-shaped bacon?

Learn how to do this here.

4. Of course, you could make your little sweetie something a little sweeter, like these heart-shaped pancakes.

Find the Valentastic recipe for these white chocolate raspberry pancakes here.

5. Decorate your kid's bathroom mirror with this heart made out of sticky notes.

Fill your kid with warm fuzzies by writing something you love about them on each note.

6. Do your kid's hair special for the holiday.

Find the tutorial for these hairstyles here.

7. If doing hair isn't your thing, you could crochet this heart headwrap instead.

Find the pattern here.

8. And, of course, you'll want to let your kid dress up for the occasion.

Get this T-Rex T-shirt here for $20+.

9. Alternatively, you could help your kid make their own Valentine's Day shirt.

Find the tutorial here.

10. Help your kid make this cute Valentine for their grandparents.

11. You can also help them make these out of this world Star Wars Valentines for their friends.

Find the tutorial — and printable — here.

12. Another way to make Valentines is by hitting the Dollar Store to find something fun — like these glasses.

Find the free printable here.

13. Construct a robot Valentine's Day box.

Perfect for storing Valentines from your kid's favorite humans. Learn how here.

14. You can also make a mail box...

Learn how to transform a shoe box here.

15. Or a unicorn box.

Find the DIY here.

16. Decorate your car with love.

Find this and 49 more Valentine's Day ideas here.

17. Give your kid an unforgettable mid-afternoon treat like these rice krispie hearts.

Find the recipe here.

18. Alternatively, you can try to keep things healthy with this fun idea.

Learn more about this here.

19. Keep your kid entertained by helping them to craft this Love Monster puppet.

20. Want a much easier craft? Try constructing these heart marshmallow toothpick structures.

Find the how-to here.

21. You can also keep your kid busy with some Valentine's Day themed sensory play.

Science on Valentine's Day? Why not? Learn how to make "Valentine's slime" here.

22. For dinner, serve up some heart-shaped pizza complete with heart-shaped pepperoni.

Nothing says love like pizza. Find the recipe here.

23. Kids are sure to love heart meatloaf muffins, too.

Find the recipe here.

24. For dessert — because you've got to have dessert on V-day — try this fruit pizza.

Find the recipe here.

25. A Cupid's Float is guaranteed to please, too.

Your kid can thank me later. Find the recipe here.

26. Lastly, end the day by reading your kiddo this Valentine's Day bedtime book.

Get it here for $11.99.

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