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26 Things That Will Make Your Brovaries Explode

Guys get baby fever too, you know.

1. When Drew Brees celebrated winning the Super Bowl on the field with his son.

Getty Sports

Ronald Martinez

Getty Sports

Win McNamee

2. Babies dressed up as superheroes.

3. This sports magazine-themed birth announcement.

4. When you realize your buddy isn't nearly as big of an idiot as he used to be now that he's a dad.

BlueOrange Studio / Via

He's actually almost respectable.

5. Impossibly cool onesies.

Like all of these.

6. The ending of Father Of The Bride.

Roommate: "Dude, what are you watching?!"

You: "NOTHING!" sniffle. "I thought you were going out tonight?"

7. Those Action Movie Kid videos Dreamworks animator Daniel Hashimoto makes of his son.

8. This diaper bag.

9. That stupid John Mayer song.


"I'll be good to my daughters, John," you blubber as you blow your nose. "I promise."

10. This cool ass kid.

11. Fathers and sons playing catch.

Universal Pictures

12. Whenever someone posts this photo to Facebook.

13. Seeing little kids sitting on their dad's shoulders.

Flickr: mik2 / Via Creative Commons

It's impossible not to fantasize about having one on your shoulders too.

14. These tiny Timberlands.

15. Realizing that all the celebrities you crush on are moms.

16. When someone says you'll make a good father one day.


You try to play it off, but you love it.

17. Cuddling with your dog.

Outwardly you make fun of people who call their dog their baby, but inwardly...

18. Seeing a dad goof around with his kid.

19. These trick or treaters.

20. And this toddling storm trooper.

Flickr: kalexanderson / Via Creative Commons

21. Unexpectedly getting the feels in the middle of World War Z.

Paramount Pictures

"What the hell, Brad? This was supposed to be about zombies. ZOMBIES!"

22. This little rock and roller.

23. Seeing someone you admire really nailing the whole dad thing.

Handout / Via Getty Images Entertainment

24. The way kids act when their parents come home.

25. Stumbling across a daddy-daughter dance.

It's almost too cute to handle if she's standing on her dad's shoes.

26. Lastly, seeing your significant other holding someone's baby...

milaphotos / Via

And thinking, "What if?"

Guys, you may try to present this image to the world:


But we know deep down this is how you really feel:


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