26 Eye-Catching Things That Are XXXXXXXXXXXXXL-Sized

    Why be average when you could be freaking ginormous?

    1. This absolutely enormous double king bed:

    2. And this bruising, 67-pound cabbage:

    3. This baby brother who was lord and king of all the other baby brothers:

    4. This burrito that isn't messing around:

    5. And this cucumber that was so big it was mistaken for a watermelon:

    6. This dog that definitely played center on their junior high basketball team:

    7. And this cat that was almost definitely a linebacker on their high school football team:

    8. These cheekily named carrots that are just plain huge:

    9. And this dude that needs an upgrade out of economy:

    10. This Rice Krispie square for the ages:

    Until proven otherwise, I am declaring myself the creator of the largest Rice Krispie square in Canada.

    Twitter: @tristinhopper

    11. This Allen key that's Incredible Hulk–sized:

    12. And this wrench that's fit for Thor:

    13. This mountain lion that I'm fairly certain is referred to as the "Arnold Schwarzenegger of mountain lions" by all the other mountain animals:

    14. And this toad that just shouldn't be this damn big:

    15. This dinosaur femur that's nearly as big as an entire human, and a pretty darn huge elephant femur too:

    16. This snow sculpture that's as tall as a two-story home:

    17. These tires that must have quite the lifting routine:

    18. This boar who is so big I'm going to have nightmares:

    19. These gigantic Oreo cookies I want to eat...badly:

    20. And these equally gigantic Japanese soufflé pancakes that I want to eat even more:

    21. This lizard that is not meant to be big enough to do this:

    22. This sweet potato that's too damn big to be called sweet:

    23. These frighteningly large scissors:

    24. These flip-flops meant for a 70-foot-tall person:

    25. This softball-sized lemon:

    26. And, oh my, these loaves of bread that I want to dip in a ginormous bowl of tomato soup:

    H/T: u/AbsoluteUnits