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26 Incredibly Strange Things That Happened To Kids At School

A different kind of education.

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2. "Later that day I saw him and another teacher..."

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"In the fifth grade I brought a pair of walkie-talkies to school. I was using them at lunch — not during class time — but was told I wasn't allowed to have them at school by my teacher who took them off me. Later that day I saw him and another teacher using them and speaking in 'army' language to each other."

— Elisha Buckingham, Facebook


4. "He broke his nose..."


"When I was in the fifth grade a classmate had a crush on me. One day he yelled at the top of his lungs, 'HEY! WATCH THIS!' and bashed himself in the nose as hard as he could with his textbook. He broke his nose, then asked, 'DO YOU LIKE ME NOW?!' I have no idea what happened to him after that year."

— Heather Morris, Facebook

5. "Sex can get you in trouble with the police."

"My daughter would come home from kindergarten every day and tell me the things her friend, Connor, had said. My two favorites were: "President Obama is my dad" and "Sex can get you trouble with the police."

— Heather Steinbrink, Facebook

7. "When she screamed our teacher said..." / Via Creative Commons

"My friends and I got put into a group to dissect a cow eyeball and we forced one of my friends to do the first incision. The cow eyeball squirted out juice that went directly into her mouth. When she screamed our teacher said she couldn't get water and that she just needed to deal with it."



10. "He had every teacher scouring the neighborhood."

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"In the first grade my son convinced his teacher that he'd rode his bike to school and that it'd been stolen while he was in class. He had every teacher — plus the principal and vice principal — scouring the neighborhood for the allegedly stolen ride. It wasn't until they called me three and a half hours later that they found out I'd walked him to school that morning and that his bike was safely locked in our garage. They gave him an award at the end of the year for 'greatest imagination.'"


11. "I got a call from her teacher that evening."

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"When my daughter was in kindergarten she wrote a love letter proposing marriage and gave it to every boy in her class. Finally, she gave it to one who couldn't read and asked the teacher for help. I got a phone call from her teacher that evening. She asked if we told our daughter we loved her enough because 'obviously' she didn't know the meaning. My response was, 'If cookies could read she would write them love notes too.'"



13. "I immediately feared that someone had molested her."

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"I picked up my daughter after kindergarten and she told me with obvious distress that 'something happened today but I don't want to tell you.' I immediately feared that someone had molested her. I finally talked her into telling me what happened — she'd stuck a bead up her nose."


14. "Dinosaurs didn't exist."

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"In the eighth grade one of my classmates in science class was a pretty fanatical Young Earth Creationist who firmly believed 'the earth is only 6,000 years old and dinosaurs didn't exist.' She constantly argued with our teacher and usually ended the arguments with 'I will pray for your obviously lost soul.'"


15. "'Brownie' was also Indian."

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"In kindergarten a group of us would pretend to be puppies and each of us had a puppy name. The names we picked for ourselves tended to be based on things five-year-olds like — Bubble, Sparkle, Brownie, etc. Cute, right? Well, 'Brownie' was also Indian. His mother came to the school very confused and demanded to know why her son had earned this seemingly racist nickname."



17. "Whoops."

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"When I was in kindergarten my teacher handed out a picture of a pond to each student. The assignment was to draw whatever we wanted in the pond — a frog, fish, turtle, etc. I drew myself naked. The teacher was understandably concerned but my reasoning was that I didn't know how to draw a bathing suit so I decided to let it all hang out. Whoops."


18. "My sister was an asshole, lol."


"In the second grade my sister and her classmates were given an assignment to draw a picture, and when it was turned in they could go play on the playground. My sister admitted that, instead of doing her assignment, she stole someone else's, erased the name, added her own, and went outside to play. The other little girl didn't get to play that day. My sister was an asshole, lol."


19. "I had to turn around so he wouldn't see me laughing."

Flickr: gerrythomasen / Via Creative Commons

"I'm a teacher, so I have literally hundreds of stories. Here's one of my favorites — a second grade student of mine got really mad and obviously wanted to curse at me, but he didn't know any swear words. He proceeded to scream at me for about five minutes with insults like, 'You dirty old lady! You stinky rat! Fat old lady!' I had to turn around so he wouldn't see me laughing."



21. "The glass shards sent two kids to the hospital..."

Flickr: wwworks / Via Creative Commons

"Once two kids were playing football in the coat room. Their ball hit a fish tank and shattered it. The glass shards sent two kids to the hospital and four (including me) to the nurse. The best part was that before a teacher could come in, the kid who threw the ball dropped his pants, pointed at his underwear, and said, 'I was just pulling down my pants. How could I have done it?'"


23. "It turned out my principal had..."


"In middle school we suddenly got an announcement that called for an immediate evacuation. It turned out my principal had found a piece of paper with the lyrics to Ke$ha's song "Blow" on it, and she thought it was a bomb threat."



24. "You could smell them as soon as you stepped outside."

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"My forensic science class was studying decomposition so we put dead rats in various states in a giant cage and left them outside to rot. The entire school hated us because even though we put them on the edge of the property, you could smell them as soon as you stepped outside."


26. "The whole class was in shock."

Comedy Central

When I was in the fifth grade a kid stole my teacher's car keys and threw them in the field behind the school. The teacher realized his keys were gone about an hour before school was out and went crazy. It was actually scary. The whole class was in shock. He started dumping out our backpacks and calling us little assholes. When the teacher from next door walked in he yelled, 'I'm done! I fucking quit!' He's been working at Kinkos ever since."


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