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    26 Ideas For The Ultimate Disney Princess Bedroom

    And your kid lived happily ever after.

    Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

    1. Give your kid sweet dreams with this Cinderella carriage bed.

    Guaranteed not to turn into a pumpkin. Get one here for $999.

    2. Put these Tangled blocks on display.

    Order them here for $25. FYI, the store also has blocks for Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella.

    3. Decorate using the accent colors of your kid's favorite princess.

    Find graphics like these for Ariel, Jasmine, and Snow White here, as well as Elsa and Rapunzel here.

    4. Get this night light that projects princesses onto the ceiling.

    Order one here for $13.66.

    5. Tie back curtains using princess tiaras.

    This idea comes from this creative post on how to throw a Disney princess dream party.

    6. Jazz up light switches with these princess-themed cover plates.


    You can order the Tangled cover here, and the Frozen cover here. Both are $6.99.

    7. Replace dresser knobs with these princess-themed ones.

    Get the set here for $10.04.

    8. Make sure your kid is on "princess time."

    Order this clock here for $24.

    9. Display photos of loved ones in these "fairest of them all" style frames.

    Get the set for $34.99 here.

    10. Add a little ambiance with this light-up Lumiere candlestick figure.

    Order one here from $68.41.

    11. And while you're at it, get this enchanted rose.

    For serious Beauty and the Beast fans only. Order one here for $69.

    12. Outfit your kid's bed with this princess-perfect bedding.

    Order it here for $80.

    13. These pillows make a wonderful final touch to a princess-themed bed.

    Order them for $30 each here.

    14. Speaking of pillows, these punked-out princesses are fantastic.

    Get one here for $40.

    15. Decorate your kid's walls with these strikingly minimalist posters.

    Get these three β€” plus others including Frozen's Anna β€” here for $6 each.

    16. These prints make adorable decorations, too.

    Perfect for a nursery. Get the set of six for $25.60 here.

    17. One more suggestion for the walls β€” these durable princess decals.

    These are great because they're easy to put up, and just as easy to take down. Order the set here for $99.

    18. Turn any lamp into one worthy of a fairy tale.

    Learn how β€” and find the downloadable template β€” here.

    19. Turn an ordinary doorknob into the one from Alice in Wonderland.

    Find the DIY here.

    20. Transform an old dresser into a dress-up station.

    21. Five words: Princess Castle Playhouse Loft Bed

    Learn more about acquiring one of these marvels here.

    22. Write out your kid's name in princess-themed letters.

    Have letters made for $12 here.

    23. Dress up the door with this Frozen wreath.

    Order one with your kid's name on it here for $47.99.

    24. DIY your own Rapunzel's tower.

    Your kid will even be able to climb to the top! Find the incredibly cool how-to here.

    25. Stitch this princess-themed alphabet.

    "Ariel, Belle, Cinderella..." Download the cross-stitch pattern for $12.

    26. Lastly, throw down one of these stunningly beautiful art print rugs.

    Get Pocahontas here and Rapunzel here. Both are $22.40.

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