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    26 Dollar-Store Finds That Will Make Back To School Easy

    Go back to school shopping with just a handful of bucks.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Make a portable homework station by putting a dollar store utensil holder inside a document box.

    2. You can also make a homework caddy using pie tins and candlesticks.

    Find this dollar store DIY here.

    3. You can bling out your kid's locker with dollar store finds.

    Add washi tape to make them look extra stylish. Learn how here.

    4. You can also use dollar store tuperware to DIY a survival kit for your kid's locker.

    This box includes small items your kid might need while at school like tissues, chapstick, mints, elastics, and Advil. Learn more here.

    5. Transform a dollar store notebook into one that looks amazing with a little fabric.

    6. Kitchen sponges can be used to make low-cost ice packs for your kid’s lunch box.

    This way if your kid loses the ice pack it’s no big deal. Learn more here.

    7. Use a cotton swabs case to DIY a first aid kit your kid can keep in their backpack.

    If you can't find a cotton swabs case a travel soap container will work too. Learn more here.

    8. Travel soap box containers are also great for crayons and flashcards.

    9. You can DIY this adorable teacher gift entirely with dollar store items.

    All you need is a vase, pencils, ribbon, and artificial flowers. Find the easy how-to here.

    10. You can also make your kid's teacher a "Back to School Supply Cake" using dollar store items.

    11. Dictionaries are one of the best back to school deals at dollar stores.

    Kappa Books

    They cost only a dollar and are still a must have (even in this computer age) for a young reader.

    12. Dollar store baking pans and magnets can help your kid master spelling.

    13. You can also help your kid learn fractions with a veggie tray.

    Learn more here.

    14. Dollar store baskets can be used to put together a school-lunch station.

    These make putting lunches together so easy that even your kids can do it. Learn more here.

    15. You can find all kinds of fidget tools — which help special-needs students focus — at the dollar store.

    Learn more from a special education teacher here.

    16. Dollar store dish drainers are great for organizing your kid's school papers.

    They're great for teachers too! Learn more here.

    17. Over the door organizers are surprisingly perfect for keeping school supplies handy.

    Get the hang of this back to school thing. Learn more here.

    18. Speed up mornings by using dollar store cups to organize your kids' toothbrushes.

    19. You can also speed up mornings with dollar store shower curtain rings, which keep hairbands organized.

    20. You can make a bento lunch using character-themed sandwich boxes and cookie cutters from the dollar store.

    Find out more here.

    21. Make donating hand soap and tissues to the classroom easy on your wallet by picking them up at the dollar store.

    22. Ice-pop trays are surprisingly ideal for organizing your kid’s pens, pencils, and crayons.

    Find out more here.

    23. You can also DIY a dollar store mason jar into these pretty awesome pencil holders.

    24. If you have an older kid going away to boarding school or college, dollar store storage bags can make packing a snap.

    No one will believe how many clothes you got into one suitcase. Learn more here.

    25. Want to make the ultimate school supply drawer? Round up some dollar store loaf pans.

    Find out more here.

    26. You can also keep supplies organized (and off the floor) with dollar store buckets.

    They look pretty cute, too. Find the how-to here.

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