25 Infuriating People — I'm Sorry To Say — Who Are Out There, Living Among Us

    We're like, trying to live in a society here, people.

    Look, we live in weird times with some even weirder people — like the gas station owner who put all these Biden stickers on his pumps and threatened to have anyone who removes them arrested.

    But — I'm sorry to say, dear friends — there are a lot more people out there who deserve some epic side-eye, like:

    1. The lady who obviously saw the chains but decided she just didn't give a damn.

    2. And the guy who posted about his nan's death with this photo (I mean bro...come on!).

    3. The pregnant person who — with absolutely NO shame — advertised selling "positive pregnancy tests/and or urine" with the caveat "I don't care what you use it for, not my business."

    4. The harasser who made such an ass of themself that this place was forced to put up this sign.

    5. And the parent who seriously thought paying a nanny, like, $3 an hour was totally fair:

    6. Oh boy — the nasty mofo who, connecting the dots, dropped a deuce in this urinal.

    7. And — sigh — these kindred spirits of the last guy.

    8. The meathead who just left this meat to rot by the peanut butter because the freezer was, like, 30 feet away:

    9. And the chicken shit who — for reasons only they understand – left all this chicken to rot in the shoe section:

    10. The couple that shared these impossibly gross charms (can you imagine the day when their kid is like, "Mommy, what does this mean?").

    11. And the exes who tallied up how much they cheated on each other and found out they're both horrible people:

    a list of names

    12. The person who — come the hell on, man — ran for mayor on the platform of being well endowed:

    13. And the dolt who rode around like this and probably voted for the previous mayoral candidate.

    a man riding a bike with a sign that says, "Hard unvaxxed cock — text," and a phone number

    14. The air traveler who used their nasty foot to touch this screen thousands of other people will have to use.

    15. The air traveler who put her feet up like this... Seriously?!

    16. And the air traveler who threw her hair over the seat with no care at all about how the person behind her felt.

    17. The mini-mart clerk who gave this explanation for why they were closing the store (10 bucks says the real reason is that they needed to use the bathroom in a major way).

    18. And the mini-mart customers who were opening cartons of milk, pouring some into their coffee, and then just putting the milk back. Like, do they think someone's gonna buy that milk now?

    19. The mom who ignored the sign and taught her son how to spray paint all over the store floor.

    20. Let's see...the store clerk who put this onesie on the baby mannequin, anyone who bought this onesie, and DEFINITELY the company that made it:

    21. The jerk who poured paint stripper on someone's car just because:

    22. The husband who — barf — put this quote on his camper:

    23. The small town barfly who — checks notes — used a curtain to WIPE. THEIR. ASS:

    24. The Lambo driver who acted like an a-hole without realizing that — hello — they were the a-hole.

    25. And lastly, the a-hole responsible for this bad news who proved we really can't have nice things: