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    25 Tips For Visiting Chip And Joanna Gaines' Magnolia Market At The Silos

    It's basically Disneyland for Fixer Upper fans.

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    Chip and Joanna Gaines are the stars of HGTV's Fixer Upper, which shows them helping clients transform a less than ideal property into their dream home.

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    Of course, if you watch the show you also know they own and operate Magnolia Market At The Silos, a sprawling compound that is basically Disneyland for the Gaines' fans.

    Top: bottom: Heather Spohr

    Here are some tips for making the most of your visit there.

    1. If you visit, you'll probably want to start by doing a little shopping at the Magnolia store.

    taraelaineee / Via

    2. Inside are plenty of items that show off Joanna's signature design style.

    Heather Spohr/BuzzFeed

    3. You will also find staples of the homes on Fixer Upper like giant wall clocks...

    Heather Spohr/BuzzFeed

    4. ...and three-dimensional displays.

    Heather Spohr/BuzzFeed

    5. If you keep your eyes peeled, you'll stumble across these amazing Fixer Upper bobbleheads.

    Heather Spohr/BuzzFeed

    6. Like popcorn? Chuck's Gourmet Popcorn stand inside Magnolia sells all kinds of unique flavors like cinnamon toast.

    chucksgourmetpopcorn / Via

    And yes, the cinnamon toast popcorn is as amazing as it sounds.

    7. When you're done shopping you'll want to spend some time enjoying the big green lawn.


    Next to the lawn are big boxes full of things you can play with like sports balls, hula hoops, and even potato sacks for races. There are also cornhole sets, giant Jenga blocks, and bean bags to recline on.

    8. The six retro wooden swings next to the lawn are a blast too.


    Fun for kids (of all ages).

    9. Want a selfie? Try taking one in front of this awesomely green 1953 Willys Jeep.

    shiaramh / Via

    10. Photos in front of — or simply of — the silos are pretty spectacular too.

    Heather Spohr/BuzzFeed

    11. If you venture to the back of the property you'll find the garden, which is definitely worth checking out.

    Heather Spohr/BuzzFeed

    It has seasonal fruits and vegetables, a sensory garden, and colorful flowers. You might even see some chickens (which were Chip's addition to the place).

    12. The centerpiece of the garden, though, is Magnolia Seed and Supply.

    iamsemisweet / Via

    13. Inside you'll find gardening tools, flower-growing kits for kids, fairy garden supplies, and unique vessels to plant in.

    jessbod2 / Via

    14. Magnolia is also ALL ABOUT FOOD, so you'll want to visit the Silos Baking Co.

    huxleythefrenchie / Via

    15. There you can gorge on a variety of delicious cupcakes and baked goods.

    mybestlaidplans / Via

    You'll be handed this menu upon entering to fill out as you wait your turn.

    16. Mmm, cupcakes.


    17. The cookies and cinnamon rolls are out of this world too.

    sharayahaubrey / Via

    18. Pro tip: if the Baking Co. is packed, mosey on out to the back of the premises where there is a satellite food truck selling most of the same treats.

    kelseyduckett / Via

    Cupcakes without a line for the win.

    19. Speaking of food trucks, there are a bunch of them — like Co-Town Crepes — ready to serve up mouthwatering cuisine.

    magnolia / Via

    20. There's the Cheddar Box, a gourmet grilled cheese truck...

    lynz_crawford / Via

    21. ...Milo Biscuit Co, dishing out southern comforts like fried chicken, biscuits, and grits...

    milowaco / Via

    22. ...Club Sandwich, offering Asian fusion...

    sandwichd / Via Instagram: @sandwichd

    23. The Heart of Texas Dog House, which offers gourmet hot dog options...

    heartoftexasdoghouse / Via Instagram: @heartoftexasdoghouse

    24. And Luna Juice Bar, which whips up juices and vegetarian lunch options.


    25. Need a place to eat your meal? Grab a bench under this gorgeous overhang that was built using beams repurposed from a 19th century barn.

    courtneybhayes / Via

    Pretty cool place, Chip and Joanna. Pretty cool place.


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