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25 Parenting Hacks On Instagram That Are Borderline Genius

There's a lot more on Instagram than just selfies.

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2. Keep your kid patient while waiting for the doctor by letting them draw on the exam table paper.

Instagram: @parenting_with_peer_review

6. Stay in shape by planking while reading your child a story.

Instagram: @natashagsm

Via natashagsm.

7. Missing things you need? Set your kid loose on a scavenger hunt to find them.

Instagram: @ruby1508

Now this is how you find your lost sunglasses. Via ruby1508.


8. Pool noodles make a surprisingly effective way to babyproof a coffee table — especially in a pinch.

Instagram: @coriathome

Via coriathome.

11. Keep your toddler busy by letting him "paint" the fence with water.

Instagram: @parenthacks

A perfect, mess-free summer activity. Via parenthacks.


23. Use shopping cart restraints to stop your toddler from dropping their sippy cup onto the floor.

Instagram: @somemotherstuff

25. And if you end up at the supermarket with a suddenly sleepy kid, you can use a pack of toilet paper as an on-the-fly pillow.

Instagram: @concretewavesurfer

Beats carrying your kid around — or listening to them whine — the whole time you're there. Via concretewavesurfer.