25 Photos Of Surprisingly Cool — Or Weird — Things I've Legitimately Never Seen Before

    Now that is genuinely surprising!

    It takes a lot to surprise me these days — you know, what with living in the 2020s which are FULL of surprises — but the following photos definitely had me going:

    I'm not alone, right? These photos are surprising, yes? Like...

    1. Have you ever seen someone grip a bottle...BACKWARDS?!?!

    An upside down hand gripping a bottle

    2. Or ordered a coffee and had it come with a complimentary cigarette?!?!

    A free cigarette with coffee

    3. Have you ever seen food delivery bots just traipsing across a college campus?!?!?

    Little robot cars driving down the sidewalk

    4. Or seen a phone charger that was THIS long?!?!

    A very long charging cable

    5. How about a banana THIS small?!?!

    A tiny banana

    6. Have you ever seen urinals placed outdoors — in plain sight! — for people to use?!?!

    Urinals outside on the side of a building

    7. Or a nurse use an infrared vein finder to place an IV?!?!

    An infrared vein finder on someone's arm

    8. Have you ever been on a plane that had its own personal chef?!?!?

    A chef taking someone's order on a plane

    9. Or a home that had its shower right in the middle of the living room?!?!

    A shower in the middle of the living room

    10. Have you ever seen an old commercial airliner turned into someone's home?!?!

    Someone using a converted plane as a home

    11. Or reinforced concrete — concrete! — dissolved by years of dog urine?!?!

    Dog pee on a pole

    12. OK, this one's from the past...but have you ever seen an ad in the back of a comic book legitimately selling you a pet monkey?!?!

    An ad selling a pet monkey

    13. Have you ever seen a heated driveway that melts snow so you don't have to shovel it?!?!

    Melted snow on a driveway

    14. Or a sugar crystal THIS BIG form at the bottom of a syrup bottle?!?!

    A sugar crystal

    15. Have you ever seen a building being built from the TOP down?!?!

    A building being built from the top down

    16. Or come across someone dressed in medieval armor just standing in the middle of the road?!?!

    A person dressed as a knight

    17. Have you ever opened a box of trash bags and found they were all connected into one giant bag?!?!

    A very giant trash bag

    18. Or seen a flip flop with a bottle opener on the bottom?!?!

    Bottle opener on the bottom of a flip flop

    19. Have you ever seen a McDonald's that looked like this?!?!

    Outside of a McDonald's

    20. Or a tiny-ass McDonald's that only sold dessert?!?!

    A McDonald's Dessert stand

    21. Have you ever seen a car with blackboard paint on its hood for passersby to draw on?!?!

    A blackboard on someone's hood

    22. Or an alligator without a tail?!?!

    An alligator with no tail

    23. Have you ever seen a library that — in addition to books — lets you check out household items like tools, too?!?!

    A library where you can check out tools

    24. Have you ever seen a prescription bottle with...Law & Order font?!?!

    "Push down and turn"

    25. Or a garbage truck that looked like THIS?!?!

    A pop art-painted garbage truck

    Pretty weird, huh?

    HT: r/mildlyinteresting