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24 Genius Products You Need If You Have A Toddler

With a toddler you need all the help you get.

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4. These non-skid socks your toddler can wear without falling down.

Of course, your toddler will probably still fall down for reasons unrelated to their socks. Get a pack of 12 here for $12.50.

5. These cups that hang on the fridge so your toddler can get their own water.

Saves you from having to stop what you're doing every time your kid says, "I'm thirtsy!" Order one here for $9.99.

13. This "Road on a Roll" that lets you bring your car-loving kid's race track literally anywhere.

Perfect for keeping a kid entertained in a waiting room, restaurant, or anywhere else. Order a roll here for £12.

18. This "Sleeper Hero" doll that gives your toddler the courage to sleep through the night.

It also has a light in the center of its chest that changes from red to green when it's okay to get out of bed. Get one here for $34.99.


An earlier version included a product that has since been removed.

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