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    24 Money-Saving Hacks For The Holidays

    So you don't have to cry in January when all the bills come.

    1. Repurpose used potato chip bags as gift wrap.

    They make great gift bags as well, if you want to put even less effort into wrapping.

    2. Get to know your Christmas trees.

    3. Put off buying a tree as long as possible.

    4. Book your flight either before the first week in November or Dec. 4–10.

    5. Download the ShopSavvy app.

    6. If you find an item for less, show the store manager.

    7. Get reduced-price gift cards.

    8. Send holiday postcards instead of cards.

    9. Or better yet send holiday eCards.

    10. When signing up for things, put down your birthday as being in December so you get free stuff around that time.

    11. Shop for off-season items.

    12. Take advantage of groceries sales right after Thanksgiving.

    13. Buy your Christmas decorations and wrapping paper the week AFTER Christmas, when they're on sale.

    14. Seek out free entertainment.

    15. Give the gift of service.

    16. Get the Honey browser plugin.

    17. Ship gifts using flat-rate boxes.

    18. Snag-free shipping.

    19. Call long-distance relatives using Google Voice.

    20. Make your Christmas party a potluck.

    21. Buy some presents after the holidays.

    22. Sublet your home or apartment.

    23. Arrange with your family not to exchange gifts, especially if everyone has kids.

    24. Join Amazon Prime for a free 30-day trial in December.