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    23 Ways Your Wedding Could Be Ruined

    Thankfully, there are things you can do to avoid ending up in tears.

    1. It rains on your wedding day.

    2. Your officiant turns out to be nuts.

    3. Your DJ and/or photographer are pains in the ass.

    4. Someone interrupts the vows.

    5. It's freezing.

    6. It's swelteringly hot.

    7. You fight with your fiancé.

    8. Your guests get ridiculously drunk.

    9. You get ridiculously drunk.

    10. You wake up sick.

    11. Estranged family members get into it.

    12. The stupid cake ruins everything.

    13. Inviting your ex turns out to be a huge mistake.

    14. More guests show up than were invited (or you had an inaccurate head count).

    15. You weren't prepared for delays.

    16. Neighbors without a soul make a noise complaint.

    17. Local sound ordinances shut things down early.

    18. The catering blows it.

    19. Some idiot decides to make a roast toast.

    20. The music choices turn the dance floor into a 21+ club.

    21. One (or many more) guests are out of control.

    22. A crucial piece of equipment doesn't work.

    23. You let your wedding be ruined.