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    Updated on Oct 7, 2019. Posted on Oct 6, 2019

    23 Nieces And Nephews Who Are As Hilarious As They Are Cute

    Aunts and uncles everywhere: "Who are these little people?"

    1. This uncle who made the mistake of meeting his baby niece with fresh botox, LOL:

    so i met my baby niece with fresh botox and....

    2. And this uncle whose niece just gets it:

    My 5y/o niece was asked to write down her daily routine and I couldn’t relate more.

    3. This auntie who was 100% here for her nephew's birthday theme:

    @dreeaaxo_ omg hahaha I love this! this was my nephews theme for his 6th birthday

    4. And this auntie (and her brother) who tried to make things better but only made them worse:

    my niece has been moaning that she hasn’t had a valentines card so my brother sent one signed ‘?’ And she has been crying for hours saying she’s got a stalker

    5. This uncle who loves babysitting...for reasons:

    I’m excited to babysit* my niece. *watch Coco and Moana with

    6. And this aunt whose kid-friendly comedy skills are A+:

    i get it, comedy should be EDGY. and push BOUNDARIES. that's why for several minutes straight i entertained my 6-year-old niece by intentionally mispronouncing "marshmallow." want some MISHMOLLOWS? want some MOSHMOOLERS? hey want some SMOOSHMOOLAS?

    7. This uncle who has a plan to make sure his nephew never forgets him:

    Gotta stare down my Nephew everytime I visit to ensure he remembers me. 👌🏾

    8. This aunt whose niece is hilariously forward-thinking:

    My niece is playing with her barbies. The ladies are at the club and the men are home with the kids. I love it!

    9. This uncle who is lucky enough to have a ring toss legend for a nephew:

    @therealjezreel @BillRatchet so did my infant nephew

    10. This uncle who did his nephew wrong:

    currently helping my nephew look for his bag of haribos that i ate an hour ago

    11. And this aunt whose niece is cracking her up:

    The way my niece looks ar her mum really KILLS me like whyyyy does she look so hurt

    12. This uncle whose niece's burn sent him into the shadow realm:

    My niece insisted I color with her and after 2 minutes she paused, looked at me and asked “Do you know how to color inside the lines?”

    13. And this uncle who shouldn't have let his nephew make his lunch:

    My little nephew made me lunch and bit the meat I’m exhausted 😒

    14. This TT who is not going to let her niece get mistreated:

    Some girl act like she wanna get sassy with my niece at school, I can’t wait to slide up there tomorrow. The whole 5th grade about no know wassup with TT Ari. Lmao.

    15. And this auntie whose false lashes gave her nephew a scare:

    my nephew is scared of spiders sooo.... 🤣

    16. This uncle who is definitely his nephew's fave person:

    My nephew wanted to be spiderman soooo...

    17. This aunt whose nephew really feels the music:

    18. And this aunt whose niece sent her an angry voice message when she didn't bring her a sandwich:

    @_hennnn Your niece honey mine 6 years old and a trip .

    19. This uncle whose niece is the definition of perseverance:

    here’s a quick story of my niece trying to get the bulldog of her seat 😂❤️

    20. This aunt whose nephew had a DAY:

    I picked my nephew up from school today lol

    21. This uncle whose niece is just too sweet:

    Picked my 5year old niece up from Big School today: Niece: Amir Mamu (Uncle)? Me: Yes? Niece: I’m NEVER eating apples again Me: Why? Niece: My teacher said they keep the Doctor away and YOU’RE a Doctor and I LOVE you! Me: 😍 #toocute

    22. This uncle whose nephew has questions:

    6 y/o nephew: "Uncle Mike why you don't have a wife?" Me: "I'm gay." Nephew: "What that mean?" Me: "I like men not women." Nephew: *silence*......."So why don't you have a husband?" Me:

    23. And this aunt who perfectly sums up what it's like to be an aunt or uncle:

    Nieces & nephews teach you a different kind of love

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