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    23 Things Parents Used To Do That Would Get Major Side-Eye Today

    Clearly there were no sanctimommies back in the day.

    Ilana Wiles from the blog Mommy Shorts asked her readers to share photos of things their parents did back in the day that would raise some serious eyebrows today.

    Things like...

    1. Let their kids ride bikes without helmets.

    2. Take a lackadaisical attitude about babyproofing.

    3. Hold their newborns in their laps on the ride home from the hospital.

    4. Put their baby's bouncer on top of the stove.

    5. Take photos of their kids posed in precarious positions.

    6. Give their kids cigarettes to pretend to smoke with.

    7. Take their kids mountain climbing on the side of a cliff.

    8. Attach car seats with rope.

    9. Take their kids onto boats without life jackets.

    10. Teach 3-year-olds how to shoot guns.

    11. Let their kids play with metal-tipped lawn darts.

    12. Ply their kids with alcohol.

    13. Drive their kids around in the back of a truck.

    14. Decorate the baby room with rifles.

    15. Pose their kids with sketchy-looking monkeys.

    16. And totally safe tigers.

    17. Use whatever this is for a car seat.

    18. Or not use a car seat at all.

    19. Send their littles out onto the lake in a poorly inflated raft.

    20. Take sledding to the next level.

    21. Let their kids go paragliding in a harness meant for a 210-pound man.

    22. Ride with their baby on the back of a Harley.

    23. And, lastly, drive their kids around on a sofa balanced atop their car.

    See more of these photos on Mommy Shorts here and here, or submit one of your own here.