23 Things No One Tells You About Having A Second Kid

    It takes two to make a dream come true.

    1. Getting two kids to look at the camera at the same time is nearly impossible.

    2. In the beginning, things are more than a little overwhelming.

    3. In fact, not everyone thinks you're up for the challenge.

    4. Your schedule gets a whole lot busier.

    5. Getting ready to leave the home takes so long that it almost doesn't seem worth leaving at all.

    6. Diaper changes need to be lightning fast because it's not a good idea to leave your eldest unsupervised for long.

    7. You will be feeding people from sunup to sundown. And then, uh, during sundown, too.

    8. In the daytime. your older kid will wake your baby...

    9. And in the nighttime, your baby will wake your older kid.

    10. Also, synchronized naps are a myth.

    11. If you have a boy and a girl, people will ask you if you’re “done,” and if you have two of the same sex people will ask if you’re “going to go for a girl/boy.”

    12. Finding a babysitter isn't as easy as it was with one kid.

    13. Your home will feel like it's never clean, no matter how often you clean.

    14. The laundry piles up way faster than before, too.

    15. If one person in your home gets a cold, you all will get it.

    16. You have very little room in your shopping cart for actual groceries.

    17. You've gone from outnumbering your kid to having as many kids in the home as adults.

    18. You won't go as "all out" with your second kid as you did your first.

    19. And you won't buy the trendy parenting products.

    20. If you want to go on a trip, you should really consider doing it before your little one turns 2.

    21. Even if your older kid really likes the baby, they probably will say something like, "When is it going back?" at least once.

    22. Nothing in the world will ever sound as sweet to you as the sound of your kids laughing together.

    23. And lastly, two kids equals twice the love.