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23 Things No Parent Will Admit To Doing

Yes, even you.

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6. Modify your kid's homework to make it easier on you.

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What the assignment says: "Take your kindergartner to a crowded parking lot and walk around until you find the biggest car! What kind of car is it?"

What you tell your kid it says: "It wants you to name a big car."


10. Show your kid one of your favorite movies before they're ready.

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You: "You love dinosaurs, so you're going to love Jurassic Park!"

Twenty minutes later...


You: "We'll come back to this in a few years."

12. Let your kid have a "snack drawer" dinner.

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You rarely do this — and only on especially exhausting days — but you nevertheless live in fear of your kid saying in front of someone, "Can we eat Cheetos and caramel popcorn for dinner again?"


18. On the flip side — you sometimes buy your kid something a little extravagant just because.

You: "If anyone asks you where you got it, just say your great-uncle sent it to you."

Your kid: "But I don't have a great-uncle."

You: "You do now."


22. Eat your kid’s junk food after they've gone to sleep.


Your kid: "What happened to all of the Teddy Grahams?"

You: "I, uh, had to throw them out. They were stale."

Your kid: "But we just bought them!"

You: "..."